Nanshe long drainage station management office to carry out the “hearts leading ingenuity” in February theme party day activities

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On February 15th morning, during the Lantern Festival, south She long row of station management leadership led the whole party members and cadres to Yuan Chonghuan memorial, shijie pump station and sand waist line station study Tours, hope in at the start of the year of the tiger, the party members to pass Yuan Chonghuan spirit, with “red heart” lead “originality”, learning advanced experience, efforts to do a good job of pumping station standardization to create.South She long row of party branch line of first station administration came to Yuan Chonghuan memorial, party members and cadres to seriously understand general Yuan Chonghuan life-story, deeply felt the general Yuan Chonghuan epic spirit of patriotism, and courage in the battle struggle and enterprising spirit of innovation, to be honest and clean, inspire patriotic enthusiasm, enhances the foothold official duty, progressive sense of responsibility and mission.Afterwards, the party branch of the management office of Nan She-long drainage station visited shijie Pumping station and Shayao pumping station, focusing on the office area, pump room and other areas of the two pumping stations. The standardized construction and management of the two pumping stations made everyone find it refreshing.Afterwards, the visitors listened to the detailed introduction of the pump station situation by the staff of Shijie Pump station and Shayao drainage Station, and studied comprehensively and systematically from various aspects such as safety management, facilities and personnel support.Through the visit and study, all the staff returned with full load and benefited a lot. They expressed that they wanted to transform Yuan Chonghuan’s spirit into power and apply the construction and management experience of Shijie Pump station and Shayao discharge station to the standardization and creation of our pump station.At present, the management office of Nan She-long drainage station is working hard to polish the brand of Party construction, and plans to carry out a series of party day activities with the theme of consolidating the “soft power” of party construction and promoting the “hard development” of pumping station.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: