“My eyes are rulers,” Wang Meng’s real education was exposed, netizens: no wonder he can be a commentator

2022-06-17 0 By

Nowadays, people pay more and more attention to education, not only because the society needs it, but also because receiving education can improve one’s vision and pattern, and improve one’s comprehensive quality.The Beijing Winter Olympic Games is still underway, the Performance of The Chinese athletes is commendable, they are valiant on the field, is the idol of many people.There were also a lot of things that made people “break defense”, and a lot of interesting things happened to them off the court, such as Ren Ziwei finished the match, and the teacher asked him to have a group chat when he handed in his homework.In this Winter Olympics, more people are fans of Wang Meng circle, mainly because of her humorous and vivid commentary, especially her sentence “My eyes are rulers”, although very crazy, but crazy happy.While Wang Meng was commentating, “Golden sentence” frequently appeared in everyone’s impression. Sports students and athletes are usually labeled as “developed limbs and simple brains”, but this Winter Olympics let us have a new understanding of athletes.For example, Ren Ziwei is a postgraduate student in Sports University, Gu Ailing is admitted by Stanford University, and Wang Meng’s real academic background is also very admirable.Wang Meng is a retired athlete, before retirement, got a lot of gold MEDALS, but also outspoken, in short track speed skating has no rival, looking at her confident appearance, no one thinks she is bragging, because she is really strong.Wang Meng not only performed well on the field, but also worked as a commentator in the studio like a fish in water. Her humorous commentary made a profound impact on people. The most important thing is her commentary, which even laymen can fully understand, adding a lot of color to the competition.In particular, the phrase “my eye is a ruler” and the translation of the Dongbei dialect “Jie Lu” into “special plus” were hilarious.Everyone is curious about why an athlete is as good as a professional commentator, so the real education was exposed by netizens.In 2002, Wang Meng was admitted to the Police College of Heilongjiang University. After graduation, wang Meng decided to further his studies and improve himself. In 2010, he was admitted to renmin University of China for a master’s degree.At the same time, Wang Meng did not give up his studies. In the same year, Wang Meng went to the United States to study language at the University of Pennsylvania.In fact, her English is not very good. In order to learn the language, Wang Meng put a lot of effort. In order to understand the rules of the game, wang Meng discussed with others for more than two hours, and also consulted foreign judges, so that she can become an excellent coach in the future.It was during this period of study that Wang Meng became more confident and broadened his horizon. Therefore, no matter how big the stage was, Wang Meng would not be afraid of the stage. Instead, he could handle the stage with ease.After seeing wang Meng’s real education background, netizens all exclaim that it is no wonder that wang Meng can be a commentator. His strength can not be underestimated.Strength determines confidence, and students should constantly improve themselves at any time. From Wang Meng, we can see her confidence emanating from the inside out. To be a person like Wang Meng, students need to constantly improve their comprehensive strength.Academic performance is of course important, but do not struggle all day in the tactics of the sea of questions, from Wang Meng’s body we can see that specialty and learning can be both.Parents should also guide students correctly, in addition to learning, but also to train students to develop in an all-round way, all day long stuck in the book room, will let students lose vitality, so that in the future encounter difficulties, students do not understand the flexibility, development will not be more long-term.Nowadays, there are many cases of high scores and low abilities, so parents should take warning, do not only focus on the immediate interests, do not only allow students to take this way of learning, so that students in many aspects of development, parents can harvest greater surprise.In the process of learning, students will always encounter setbacks, students should not want to give up when they meet difficulties, no matter in study or work, it is never plain sailing, so we should think of ways to overcome.For example, Wang Meng was not good at English, so she went to the United States to learn the language. It was because of her courage to struggle that she achieved the final success.Wang Meng’s spirit of fighting bravely and challenging bravely is very worthy of students’ learning, just like the partial subject is a problem that almost all students have.Every student will have their own good at subjects, there will be their own not good at subjects, after realizing their own shortcomings, we should think of ways to make up for the weak, rather than broken broken, make the weak class even weaker.05 Finally want to say: everyone’s success is not accidental, behind all have paid a lot of efforts, have the appearance that you see, in the journey to realize their dreams, I hope the students have the courage to fight, do not give up, achieve better themselves.What do you think of Wang Meng?Leave a comment in the comments section.