Three highly rated novels, seven million word of mouth soaring, the end is still missed

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“The road to contend for the edge” author: the wrong way does not fall reincarnation into the big thousand, a heart in the world.Would like a sword to kill ten thousand rob, heartless for sentient days!Highlights: “Are you Zhang Yan?”Du You two shots in a row have failed, so that he greatly lost face between the door, at the moment was also sarcastic Zhang Yan as “villain”, he had been angry, red eyes looking at Zhang Yan, suddenly shouted, two white light from his hands fly, straight at Zhang Yan.Zhang Yan’s eyes were fixed, and he saw two rulers flying down from his head. He also waved his hand, but a green awn flew out of his sleeve. There were two sounds in the air, like the sound of breaking a stone.Seeing this, Lin Yuan unconsciously lost his voice and said, “Spirit organ?”All the disciples are greatly surprised, but this is the spirit of the spirit, the heart moves at will, compared to those duyou still need to drive the formula of the method I do not know how much victory.”Mercenary’s War” author: Like water meaning an accident, Gao Yang ran to Africa, the result unfortunately met with a plane crash, luckily survived, but from now on can only under the gun to work for a living, because he became a mercenary.Gao Yang didn’t know where to go. After driving dozens of kilometers, Gao Yang found a place and took turns watching the night with the Morgans a few hundred meters from the car. They spent a sleepless night.It was well after dawn the next day that Goyoung led the Morgans to the pool where Professor Barker and his family were living. He called them on his walkie talkie and they emerged quickly from their hiding place.Emirates and uplift is the relationship between the concept of the family, see young safe return, and will be thrilled to greetings and embrace, and some of them talk in language arcuri nosy, others also in words, of course, after a few people to be quiet, the professor to give young buck to a hug, a hand slap their young shoulders, excited tunnel:”Thank you for your courage, you saved all of us, thank you.”Diablo 2 conjures up a druid and travels through the Marvel universe to become the principal of an ordinary community school.Best moment: Alvin rubbed his nose and said a little sheepishly, “Clark, you know about community schools, right?”As Clark nodded, he added, “Our kids don’t have proper uniforms, and that’s not good for the image of our school.You’re in clothes and shoes and hats, and you know it’s a good deal.”Why not? It’s a great deal.A school more than one thousand nearly two thousand children, winter and summer two seasons of school uniforms, each set of two, a year to change.You know, Boss Alvin is a fair man.What kind of business is this?This is giving money away!Clark wiped sweat from his forehead and, without asking alvin what price he would offer, decided to close the deal even at a small loss.