Tank 300 par sales 175,800 welcome to inquire

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Zhoukou Hongzheng store epidemic prevention upgrade, to the store more at ease, for the convenience of your car, the store provides free door-to-door test drive, free shuttle, door-to-door car and other services!Tank300 is the first “intelligent luxury off-road SUV” built by Great Wall Motor based on its intelligent professional off-road platform. It gives consideration to off-road and luxury and comfort, creating a new category in the off-road SUV market. It can meet the requirements of various road conditions with flexible driving and control, and has real all-round strength.Recently, the shop has tank 300 sales, color optional, the current purchase of some models can be preferential 0.00 million yuan, interested friends can go to the shop to consult to buy!Store epidemic prevention upgrade, to the store more secure, for the convenience of your car, the shop provides door-to-door test drive, door-to-door car and other services!U 一:5 150000 kilometers of vehicle quality assurance, the owners first painted engine, gearbox free lifetime warranty 二:5 painted based maintenance free in 10 三:5 years free to enjoy the entertainment service, painted basic traffic service lifetime free 四:5 taken five years free road rescue service: to low zero down payment, more stage 24/36 zero interest loans taken six:Replacement enjoy to high 7000 yuan subsidy for you to provide a variety of phasing plan, an ID card, loan minute seconds all done!With the network sales SMS reservation or dial 400 phone into the store to enjoy low prices and mysterious gifts to provide you with one-stop service card, number, buy tax can not be handled, save time, effort, worry!The store has professional certified appraisers, high price recycling second-hand cars, replacement can enjoy manufacturer subsidies, all models can be replaced, to provide you with convenient and comfortable service!Old customers successfully introduced friends to buy a car to send 500 yuan oil card.Address: Zhoukou Avenue and Taiqing Road intersection to the west 500 meters road South Kangrui Auto City (Zhoukou Macro zhengwey 4S shop) recently, there are WEY Great Wall tank 300 sales, color optional, currently in hot sales, cash purchase part of the models in Zhoukou Macro zhengwey 4S shop preferential, price to force, multiple car gift waiting for you!Upon arrival, a professional sales consultant will tell you the parameters of the vehicle and the purchase policy in detail.Let you buy peace of mind, buy at ease, with peace of mind!Interested friends can go to the shop consultation to buy, we wholeheartedly for your service!Zhoukou Hongzheng WEY 4S shop look forward to your visit!The event runs from April 4, 2022 to April 4, 2022