New technology and new way | BIM technology to assist the construction of China Resources Cement Wharf project in Laibin Wuxuan

2022-06-16 0 By

Recently, the construction of the fourth structural section of the Lubin Wuxuan China Resources Cement Wharf project has been completed. The project has a total of 8 structural sections. Up to now, all the bearing beams of the superstructure have been completed and are in the final stage.Wharf BIM rendering is reported, the project early independent form of BIM, led by the project manager, technical team, in the whole life cycle of engineering construction full use of BIM technology to solve the problem of actual construction, achieve positive design, fine management, reduce the rework save time limit for a project cost savings, so that achieve high standards of construction goal.Wharf structure model of the project in the construction site planning, drawing optimization, design optimization, the pile foundation construction, the use of BIM in the upper structure construction technology on the site all construction processes and technical difficulties (steel platform build-up, pile foundation construction, the template production, tower crane set up, etc.) are optimized, refinement, to ensure that more intuitive analysis of the construction process the foreseeable problem,Finally, it lays a solid foundation for the realization of the goal of each node construction period.In addition, the project also uses BIM technology for visual safety construction disclosure, to achieve standardization and standardization of management.The project leader said that in the future construction process, BIM team construction should be further strengthened, and BIM technical personnel training should be committed to make full use of BIM technology in the on-site construction process. Under the premise of ensuring safety and quality, construction speed should be further improved to promote better and faster development of the project.Pier upper structure supporting system, build port and waterway bureau guests Wu Xuan CRC wharf project construction site is located in laibin, wuxuan AnLin the four tong ling town, guangxi to high-speed Wu Xuan connecting qianjiang bridge downstream is about five point eight km on the right bank of the qianjiang, new three three thousand tons of bulk cargo berth, berth length two hundred and eighty-three meters, the design throughput of five million five hundred thousand tons,It has an annual transit capacity of 6.158 million tons and a coastline of 283 meters.The main construction contents include wharf main body project, wharf approach bridge project, harbor pond excavation and other civil engineering, drainage and lightning protection project.The wharf project is a major transportation construction project in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. After the completion of the project, the development of water transportation in Wuxuan will be further accelerated.(Han Lei-wei Yushan)