“Met with the beginning of the jun” finale hot end, the lower part of “just like the old man” expectations burst

2022-06-16 0 By

As long as you open the social platform recently, you can see the circle stem of “Met with you at the beginning” everywhere!”JiYunHe mouth too straight body” and “long meaning love gifts good volume” “and at the beginning of jun met coax her boyfriend” “shunde satinique you’re sort of like to see you once upon a time,” ha ha ha ha ha, I said all the young audience hold live ~ I didn’t think, small make up is to see the and at the beginning of jun met with relish, imperceptibly has been packaged,”Cloud meaning” CP sweet love xiaobian haven’t had enough…The show has been trending 906 times on weibo, with an opening score of 8.9, and MyDramaList, an Asian drama rating site, has a rating of 8.3.Moreover, douyin and Kuaishou occupy the top of the list of entertainment short videos with high heat, and douyin and Kuaishou hot search up to 310!According to the Professional version of Maoyan, it has topped the hot list of online drama Maoyan for 16 consecutive days.The data of lighthouse Professional edition is even better than the charts. The market share of the whole network of the play breaks 20%, and the play index of the first day of the new play in 2022 is the highest!Not to mention the popularity of the show, right?Within only half an hour, the heat of the station broke through 9000, and the hot broadcast period soared to 9896, breaking the new high of the show’s Youku website!Xiaobian really long time has not been by the head of such a popular drama!Guduo drama Ranking TOP1;Vlinkage TV play index TOP1;Cat’s Eye costume dramas topped the hot list in March;TOP1 on maoyan’s heat list;Network drama hot list TOP1;TOP1 in the market share of lighthouse network broadcast;Public opinion heat TOP1!!Without saying more, just feel the picture above!With the end of the show, there may be many friends like me who are not satisfied with it!Respectively has long met again “cloud meaning couple” in the end can unlock the knot in the heart?Snow march and from the jusri love can return to the original appearance?A lot of suspense…Don’t panic, just like Home, produced by Wackett’s Dream Forest Studios and starring Dileba and Ren Jialun, is instantly seamless!As “with the beginning of the acquaintance” of the lower part, yun he and long meaning of the story is not over, north yuan and Fairy house war is imminent, a chamber of blood pursuit of acme of love and freedom of the leading roles, but also what test, such as drama broadcast announced!