A shares: “wisdom lamp pole” industry!The 5 high quality bibcock that have double potential!(list)

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A shares: “wisdom lamp pole” industry!The 10 high-quality bibcock that has doubled potential!(List) It is reported that starting from March 1st, China’s first “national” standard for smart light pole industry will be implemented soon.Current data show that the number of urban road lights in China has increased from 17.74 million in 2010 to 30.49 million in 2020. Superposition of new urban roads, the new and replacement of street lights brought by this, the market space is expected to exceed 10 billion.1 and the company was founded in 2017, great country wisdom city business sector, the company based on anhui, facing the country, actively increasing Internet affairs, credit platform, cages, cloud computing data center, administrative law enforcement, wisdom, light pole iot solutions wisdom, wisdom, power plants, and other cities application software products and solutions,Successively contracted to build many units and scenic spots intelligent lamp pole platform and other projects.2. Founded in 2004, Huati Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in the construction of new smart cities and cultural lighting. It is the first listed company on the main board in the field of road lighting.We focus on the planning and design, product r&d and manufacturing, project installation, investment and construction-level operation of smart street lamps in the field of urban lighting, and are committed to becoming a builder and service provider of new smart cities.3. Debang Lighting Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hengdian Group, is a company specializing in the manufacturing and sales of lighting sources, lighting appliances and lighting appliances, power equipment, fountain equipment, lighting facilities, green lighting engineering design, manufacturing and installation.The company participates in the construction of smart city and has related products of smart street lamps.Agk Is a high-tech enterprise integrating design, research and development, production, sales and service of LED intelligent lighting products and cloud control system. Its main business is r&d, production and sales of intelligent control system of landscape lighting and landscape lighting fixtures.5. Established in 2001, Mingjiahui Company is a leading smart city and cultural tourism night tour lighting investment operator. In the smart lamp post business section, the company has independently developed smart street lamp cloud platform management system and a number of intelligent core technologies based on smart city construction.The above are personal views, not as any investment advice!# Stock Comment # For more exciting content, follow the financial old Shepherd boy