Weighty: from take an examination of undergraduate course subsidy policy announcement!Up to $30,000

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In order to encourage people to improve their educational background, the government has been issuing subsidy policies to promote educational background.The junior partner that some take an examination of formal schooling from oneself thinks formal schooling allowance is the classmate that gives full-time!Think so missed a brushstroke of money, a lot of record of formal schooling allowance also can get from examinee!2022 is coming, students who plan to improve this year, today xiaobian to take you to get the “first bucket of gold” brought by the self-examination degree!In order to encourage front-line workers to participate in on-the-job education, through learning to circle the dream of learning, career dream, development dream, from 13 years ago, guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions to encourage front-line workers to participate in college and undergraduate education and declare to receive education subsidies.To participate in the education of junior college, undergraduate outstanding staff, education subsidy, subsidy standard is 1500 yuan/person!✔ : dongguan delta http://www.zhigongjiaoyu.com/3000 yuan per person On December 1, 2021, “Dongguan Municipal People’s Government on the issuance of a new round of” Ten million million “Talents Project Action Plan (2022-2024) in Dongguan”, will “introduce 500,000 bachelor degree talents into various fields of society, promote 1 million people to improve education and skills quality”.To work in Dongguan during the promotion of education to undergraduate degree of talent to give 3000 yuan to enhance the ability of training subsidies!Delta delta http://www.dg.gov.cn/zwgk/zfxxgkml/szfbgs/zcwj/qtwj/content/post_3677468.html http://www.dg.gov.cn/zwgk/zfxxgkml/spz/zcIn 2019, Beijing launched “subsidies to promote vocational skills,” in the circular, explicitly mentioned:Funded by the employee or funded by the employer, the employee who participates in the professional study related to the work in the business field of the unit during the working period of the unit, and has obtained the national recognition of diploma or degree, can apply for the occupational ability promotion subsidy, the maximum of 10,000 yuan per person!That is to say, the promotion of education to take a bachelor’s degree or above, you can get up to 10,000 yuan of subsidies!Delta ✔ changsha: http://rsj.beijing.gov.cn/xwsl/mtgz/201912/t20191206_920790.htmlThe Organization and Personnel Bureau of Changsha High-tech Zone (Human Resources and Social Security Bureau), together with the District Federation of Trade Unions, the Youth League Committee and the Women’s Federation, will jointly implement the “Action of Improving Employees’ Academic qualifications and Realizing Their Dreams”. It plans to help 10,000 employees of enterprises and public institutions in the zone to improve their academic qualifications in three years (2020-2023).More than 5,000 of them are at the undergraduate level.Employees of enterprises and public institutions who register for higher professional education, higher education and higher education in the park will be given special subsidies of 1000 yuan per person (directly reduced in tuition).Moreover, this subsidy and the high-tech zone land expropriated farmers adult education subsidy policy (50% tuition subsidy) does not constitute a conflict, can enjoy at the same time!Visible subsidy intensity is big!Delta https://www.hnghw.com/#/home/detail?id=118454&type=%E5%85%AC%E7%A4%BA%E5%85%AC%E5%91%8A ✔ suzhou:According to the “Implementation Measures for Education Promotion of Employees of Subsidized Enterprises” issued by Suzhou High-tech Zone, the subsidy standard for undergraduate education promotion is 3,000 yuan for each person, and the subsidy standard for postgraduate education promotion is 5,000 yuan for each person.Delta http://www.suzhou.gov.cn/szsrmzf/qxkx/202006/1ed39177728d4884be292bfbaf350072.shtml ✔ hangzhou: up to 30000 yuan in hangzhou linan area are also talent policy in March last year.Every year, 30 rural industrial talents will be recommended to attend the talent promotion class free of charge.And obtain a country to admit certificate of formal schooling, will give subsidy according to 80% of tuition fees, the highest 30000 yuan!Delta http://hrss.hangzhou.gov.cn/art/2021/3/18/art_1587842_58922978.html in addition to the above several cities, many cities have degree increase subsidies.And most areas of the subsidy policy to take an examination of their academic qualifications, we can go to their local official website to view.Take an examination of oneself to have fixed schooling system, graduate fast, study way suits office worker, and contain gold amount and social recognition to spend taller.In addition to promoting subsidies, self-examination undergraduate course still has these 6 big uses!Everyone wants to climb the ladder.The better the job, the larger the company, the degree is required.If you want to find a job without being “eliminated”, and want to get more opportunities, you need to improve your education.Many companies don’t require work experience, but the first requirement is usually a bachelor’s degree.Some medium-sized and large enterprises will refer to the level of education when giving their employees a raise.For example, the starting salary of a lot of companies is set up, which will be directly linked with academic background. The undergraduate course will be more than 500~1000 yuan, and the starting salary of some posts even differs by half.For college and undergraduate students, a monthly gap of 1,600 yuan means a yearly gap of 19,200 yuan. This is just the starting salary.The higher the degree, the more opportunities for promotion, the faster the promotion, three to five years later, the loss is only more.With a bachelor’s degree, the most intuitive embodiment in society is to earn more money.Higher education means higher starting salaries and faster future promotions.03, many people who take the postgraduate entrance examination/certificate/examination for public education have a very clear goal, which is to obtain the same registration conditions as the unified undergraduate entrance examination through self-examination.Take an examination of undergraduate course record of formal schooling from oneself can be same as unified recruit undergraduate course, enter oneself for an examination of graduate student directly.Take an examination of specialized subject and unified recruit specialized subject same, need to graduate two years just can sign up.Civil servants have very strict educational requirements, with a small number of positions requiring a junior college start and more requiring a bachelor’s degree or above.There is no qualification to register even without a degree.Certificate of qualification of a lot of countries in senior occupation also asks undergraduate course above record of formal schooling, for example the teacher qualification certificate of teacher of junior high school, secondary vocational school asks for registration condition, must be undergraduate course above.Enterprise welfare Enterprises are listed, listed on the New Third Board, and applied for high-tech industry subsidies, etc., which have certain requirements for employees’ educational background. Meanwhile, they can also be used as welfare to stabilize people’s hearts and reduce staff turnover.It is a pity that many students who have the ability but do not have a degree are stuck because of their degree.Some people say that education does not necessarily equal ability, but the fact is that most successful people are highly educated.Only by learning and accumulating, can we seize every opportunity.Just like the photos of Internet celebrities who once swept the wechat moments, including Ma Huateng of Tencent, Liu Qiangdong of JD.com, and Yao Jinbo of 58.com, all of them are highly educated.06, in the process of expanding and optimizing the circle of friends to improve their academic qualifications, they will slowly come into contact with students with undergraduate degrees, and the circle will slowly be different.Not only can improve their own education, but also can expand the circle of contacts, optimize contacts, opportunities will be more and more!With a bachelor’s degree, there will be more choices in the future.Attention to help me take an examination of record of formal schooling, message free consulting entrance problem: https://jinshuju.net/f/v7D133