To avenge my brother, my father used me as a sword

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This question, obviously, is not easy to answer.I stood and looked at the man sitting alone in the old house. He was my father, but I preferred to see him as an individual, a lonely man.What was he thinking?Does he regret the recklessness of his youth today?When I didn’t answer for a long time, Yeh looked up at me. “Can you really just watch your brother die?Don’t you feel sorry for him that he hasn’t even got his body back, that he hasn’t even got a grave?”Plane crash is the most cruel place, lies in the human-machine integration, a destroyed, what will not leave their loved ones.I had a lot of pain in my heart. It was my brother.Although I have no memory, and never with him what too much contact, but think I have a loved one so quietly lost, even a little trace did not leave, the heart is still difficult to give up feelings.I sat down facing my father and asked him quietly, “What do you want me to do?”In the dark night, everything in the primitive room seems to be gloomy and broken, sitting alone among them also with lingering decadence.Just as I asked the question, his eyes lit up and there was clearly a spark of hope in his heart.Licking the lips of dry cough, Ye He said nervously: “As long as you close to Peng Wei, let him firmly want to be with you, not afraid of peng’s people do not reveal their secret.”I thought quietly.Just understand why just three uncle can say that, I was too naive, I thought my father’s plan is to let me with Peng Wei together, so that Peng Wei can play things frustrated, and finally to the feelings of the family is not the road.I guess I overestimated myself, and at least in my father’s mind, it wasn’t for the best.Yeh thought a little more cruelly than I did.With the peng family’s urine nature, if Peng Wei insists on marrying me or staying with me for the rest of his life, the Peng family will act against me or make me disappear completely.It is only at such times that the family, which has always been cautious and even superior, shows its ugly face.As long as seize the opportunity to get evidence of their injuries, they can in the fastest time, let peng forever.Even more, I was injured or killed because of peng’s family. For Peng Wei, that was the most unforgettable pain.There would be an unbridgeable rift between him and his family.Without an heir, the Peng family will have a hard time getting back on its feet.02 it is clearly in the warm warm heating room, but I feel that the house dew, air conditioning in all directions to my body drill, the body can not be suppressed hit a tremble.Calming my mind, I thought to myself that this was just yeech’s plan.Of course, he had a good plan, and anyone can make the future look like they want it to, but the reality is often very different from the dream.All I want is the future I want.Trying to look calm, I told Ye he in a negotiating tone, “All this is assuming peng Wei and I are really in a situation where we have to be together.Now the Peng family doesn’t care about me at all.”That’s the truth.All this time, the only person who stopped me from being with Peng Wei was Ann.And Ann with means is not radical, nothing more than to let Peng Wei engaged, and let Zhang Hao brush out the sense of existence.Ann is too conceited to think peng Wei can escape his control.After all, peng Wei had just entered an, the power of the hand is limited.When necessary, Peng Wei had to compromise, so He just treated me as peng Wei’s favorite gadget and didn’t care about me.Until Peng Wei secretly announced to huo Wanqing break the engagement, Ann don feel that this thing began to leave his good track.This had Peng Wei this big business trip, which is bound to have an old man inspired.He wanted peng Wei to leave so that he could cool his feelings for me.Perhaps In his heart, Don Ann did not have an unfavorable mind against me, but as a businessman, he still had a lot of concerns about hurting people, so he used some roundabout methods.As for peng, probably from the beginning to the end have not put me in the eyes, so it has not made moves, helplessly looking at an Old man with Peng Wei.Apparently, they want peng Wei to fight but An Old man, and then obediently back to peng, waiting for their orders.That’s why I made up my mind to go back to Ye’s house.Peng Wei’s future, if really as expected, can control more say, and even persuade An old man to support us together.Then the Peng family won’t sit idly by.I’m afraid the storm will be much more terrible than facing Ann. I want to support Peng Wei.I don’t want him to have to go that hard.Yeh’s eyes were brighter. He had already drunk a lot of alcohol, and even that kept him sober, but it had some effect.He reached out and patted me on the shoulder with a heavy hand. “You really want to listen to Daddy?”I nodded, as long as I can be with Peng Wei, I don’t mind playing tiger.Yeh suddenly excited, after a few laughs, he looked wily.He said to me very seriously, “I have thought about this for a long time. The don of Ann’s family is a master who only cares about profits and not about people.In the past he did not recognize you, always dislike you have no status.”Here Ye He hummed unconvinced: “Blind his old eyes, my daughter, how can no identity.”Back to the point.”In the future, I will take you to more occasions and reveal your identity to the public. You are the only daughter I have left. The man at home is old and sophisticated, and even a little discerning will not stop you from being with Peng Wei.As long as the home agreed, Peng Wei took over the home, we are not not a push, when the Peng can not sit.But I know very well, the Peng family and the old man over the years, I don’t know how many times.If it were not for these two old things in which stir up trouble, Peng two and his daughter-in-law would not be a good husband and wife to make like enemies.”Apparently he mouth peng 2, is peng Wei’s father.I silently, such generation after generation of repression, grandfather suppressed his father’s life, marriage, family, wife, son, are not.And then the father represses the son, and even the future grandson, and then the generation passes on.Born into such a family, Peng Wei shudders at the thought.Leaving out the nonsense in Yech’s words, I accepted what I wanted: “Ok, let’s work together from now on.”It’s all about partners.Ye He suddenly brightened up and raised his glass to heaven: “Gao Gao, just wait. Father and sister will revenge you soon.”Seeing Yeh going crazy, SINCE I had got the result I wanted, THERE was no need to stay. I took my coat and prepared to leave: “I’ll go first, and it will be difficult for me to take a bus later.”Yeh was so wrapped up in his own fantasy that he forgot about me.Coming out of the upper room, the nanny and the driver were waiting outside. It was really difficult to wait in the yard on such a snowy day.The nurse, who had worked in the Ye family all her life, looked excited when she saw me. “Miss, you have come back. When you left, your legs were only as high as mine.”I smiled at my strange aunt and let her fleshy hand touch my face.”How is your mother?I saw her grow up.”Speaking of, my mother also grew up in Ye’s family. Although she became the daughter-in-law of ye’s family later, before that, she was raised as a daughter.”My mother is not well,” I replied. “When she is well, I will bring her to see you.””All right, all right.”The nurse wiped her eyes.04. “Are you going back?Let uncle Wu see you off.”I put a hand: “no, there are cars waiting for me outside, you stay with Uncle Wu to take care of my dad, he drank a lot.”Uncle Wu was the driver who picked me up just now. Although my father had a life secretary, it was obvious that this uncle Wu was not a public official.He was very taciturn, and then he said: “The carriage followed the young lady.”The nurse groaned, “Drunk again?I’m afraid it’ll happen again tonight. I haven’t been quiet since I left high.”Unwilling to stay longer, I said I had business to attend to, and then left the House of the Ye family quickly.Snow had fallen outside, dimly sprinkling under the street lamps, looking noisy and warm.I walked alone between red walls and blue tiles, breathing white air.Sitting in the car feel that the levels of checkpoints are not far, but with the feet to walk up, or very physical test.By the time I walked out the last gate, my back was wet with sweat.Know at this time to get on the bus, if the sweat on the back of the cold, it must catch a cold.Nothing to see me out, far opened the door.I stomped and got on the bus. “I really kept you waiting.”Huzi smiled foolishly, but I always thought his smile meant something else.But he did not question him. “Let’s go home,” he said.I used to be in a hurry to get home in the evening, because Xu Bei was living at home, I always wanted to go back early to have dinner with her.So today I also hold such a mood, let them hurry to drive back.Only when the car started, I realized that Xu Bei had already left.She went on holiday to Bali with Chen Dongye.Understand that even when answering the apartment or a person, I was a little disappointed.The string that the whole person seems to stretch is broken, exhausted.Leaning on the back seat, I closed my eyes to sleep.In a daze, I actually fell asleep. Everything in Ye’s house flashed in my mind tonight.Totally refused to accept my Xiaorui, and there is still contempt for me, very some look down on my aunt.There are very love to me of the three uncle, eccentric to the leaf galloping.And a father who’s obsessed with his own revenge, putting a lifetime of pain on someone else.It all seemed heavy and complicated to me.I need a process of acceptance.Also do not know how long, the car stopped, I was shaken to wake up, the first words in a daze, is: “home?So soon?”Tiger’s chagrin scratched his head: “Where fast, this all opened fast two hours.”I wondered why it was impossible to drive two hours from Ye’s house to xia Gong house, where I lived.He looked out and said in surprise, “Why did you bring me to the airport?”Tiger son also with me mysterious: “you go to know.”Left but peng Wei in the demon, he went for a month, I’m afraid is to the limit.I thought he wanted me to fly to his country, and I had already made a plan in my head when I got off the bus. Now that the final exams are over and I’m on winter vacation, I don’t have to worry about going to work.All that’s left is family business.It’s nearly 30 years old, and I have to spend the day with my mother anyway, otherwise it’s impossible for her to spend the New Year alone in the hospital.So I only have a week with Peng Wei.That’s a long time, I think.My heart beat faster, knowing that he would not be back for a long time, my thoughts seemed to be suppressed, but I did not feel much miss him.But now the idea began to rise, and even to the point of seeing him, the excitement was like a thousand horses.When I got out of the car, there were men in ground crew uniforms waiting for me, leading me straight to the airport.On the way I just know, because of the snow, the capital airport has many planes grounded.Many flights were delayed and a large number of passengers were stranded at the airport.The scene looked chaotic, and I was worried about what I would do if I couldn’t fly away in such weather.And now the Spring Festival travel rush has begun, and air tickets are not so easy to get.The ground crew took me to the VIP room, which turned out to be a suite, poured me tea and brought me some snacks.I saw her posture, I am afraid that I can not fly in a short time, could not help asking her: “this weather, when can the airport return to normal?”It’s a bit of a rush.I hate to see Peng Wei next moment.This is like the lead of firecrackers, usually put in the side do not feel, but as long as lit, it spirals out of control, split in the splat lit in the heart, hot I feel some can not bear.I really miss him.Besides, during the six months peng Wei and I were together, he would ask me several times every day. He was gone for a month, and I was really lonely.Just thinking about him makes my body light up.Ground hostess said vaguely: “THIS I can not say the specific time.”I also know that weather delays are in god’s hands.When everyone else in the VIP room had cleared out, I couldn’t sit still. I stood up and walked to the French window, staring at the snow outside.Sudden brute force, turned my body over, pressed against the cold glass hard kiss.I panicked for a moment, but his smell was so familiar.After the reaction, I couldn’t help wanting more.I want to tell him. I miss him.