This English tense problem, the third students to see, to deal with the difficult

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Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to small early teacher’s class is coming to the end of the winter vacation, students review how?The teacher will give us some real questions, we can control the teacher before the test of English knowledge points, while learning, while practicing, and further understand the test of English answering skills!Let’s go!Today we will focus mainly on tenses, and also infiltrate other related knowledge points.-Are you worried when your son often plays computer games?-Yes, I think playing computer games ______ on teenagers.A. have a good effect B. have a bad effectC. has a bad effect D. had a bad effectEffect on sb.In the ellipsis, we can put good or bad, which means both positive and negative effects.Do you worry that your son often plays computer games?The answer is “Yes”. The answer is “no” to computer games.B) The present simple tense of B) the past tense of D) the past tense ofWe’re going to look at the main clause, and we see that it’s an object clause.A. I think B. I think C. I think D. I thinkOk, should the answer be B or C?This brings us to another important point in the teacher’s video — subject-verb agreement!We have to decide whether the subject of the clause is singular or plural. Some students mistakenly think that the plural should be used, and choose to have a bad effect.Professor: That’s right. Playing computer games is playing computer games. It’s playing computer games.A) I think B) I think C) I think D) I thinkAs for the non-predicate verb, it is a big difficulty in our grammar in junior high school. The teacher will explain this difficulty in the video after school starts, you can pay attention to it!Through the explanation of this question, we can see that a topic, just two sentences, but involves three knowledge points, verb tenses, the principle of subject-verb agreement (including the discrimination of predicate and non-predicate verbs), and the understanding of the meaning of phrases.Therefore, we say that it is not enough to master the single knowledge point of English grammar, but to be able to string them together, integrate them, and think comprehensively to find the correct answer.High school entrance examination English sprint classroom, in-depth analysis of test points, to help junior high school students quickly improve the results of the teacher’s classroom 29.98 yuan to buy column teacher’s video is to take the examination of the various knowledge points to everyone together, to everyone the key to solve the problem!High school English sprint column, earnestly help candidates to improve the English test results!Click the link above to buy the English sprint column, now in the special offer, only 30 less than, very good value!