“The world” : what happened to the girl who wanted to take a shortcut to get ahead

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There is a saying that those who want to take a shortcut end up taking a detour.Sun Xiaoning in The World is one of them.At the beginning, Sun Xiaoning college entrance examination with 6 points difference failed, we advised her to read more books, ready to take an examination next year.But Sun Xiaoning does not want to go to college, she said that college is for what?Don’t you want to have a good job in the future?Why go to college when a bookstore is a good job these days?It’s her laziness, no vision or planning for the future.The same is true of her marriage.In fact, she and bingkun no emotional basis, just because she only know a few men light word piece, bingkun both capable and considerate, in her eyes is the best.So she didn’t care if he had a family.Bingkun rejected, Sun Xiaoning went to Shenzhen to work, she said she heard there to make money.A few years later, Sun Xiaoning came to Zheng Juan, wearing curly hair and bright clothes.She said, sister-in-law, my brother and his family have been living in your house for free for so many years.They really had no choice but to bite the bullet.But you can’t say nothing, and it’s not right.Then, she took out a lumpy envelope and thrust it into Zheng’s hand, saying, ‘This is not rent.’I know, your help and kindness to my brother’s family, priceless!I didn’t do anything to help, so just give me some money.He didn’t say much, but he said it well, and he had all the kindness he wanted to express.She knew that kindness should be repaid, and the house should not be lived in vain.Zheng Juan naturally refused to accept, Sun Xiaoning put down the money and went away.When Bingkun went home, he opened the envelope and counted, and there were 1,000 yuan.At that time, it was a large sum of money. Many people only got tens of yuan a month, and one thousand yuan was the salary for several years.Bingkun couple feel this money is too much, can not want, and to find catch up.Unexpectedly, The catch – up said, xiaoning is now in Shenzhen as a house sales, earning a lot of money, only the basic salary of 200 yuan, and commission.This time back, she gave her parents 1000 yuan, brother and sister-in-law 1000 yuan, since this 1000 yuan is she gave you, you take it.Bingkun was taken aback, when that one wanted to marry their little girl, incredibly capable.If Sun Xiaoning can really always do housing sales, by their own efforts to make money, do an independent girl.Unfortunately, she didn’t really reinvent herself. She still has the girl in her heart who wants to cut corners and make a quick buck.Sun Xiaoning resigned from his job and disappeared.Finally, I heard that she became the mistress of a rich merchant. After a few days of comfort, she fell ill. The end was very sad.If at the beginning Sun Xiaoning is willing to re-read re-take an examination of the university, she will meet different people, experience different scenery, her life is another world.As someone said: every step of life can not save, those sideways save the road will eventually become vertical pit, hide also hide however.02 play also once wanted to rely on the beauty of the girl, I do not know whether we still have an impression, and Dongmei jump the queue together female educated tao Junshu.Tao Junshu was once a proud princess. She started playing the piano at the age of three, and it was her dream.Her hands, she said, were made to play. They couldn’t be hurt, let alone frozen.But here, too, she had to descend into the dust.Tao Junshu does not want to do farm work, she is afraid that later can not play the piano, so, she tries to escape.Tao Junshu envy dongmei very much, can get Zhou Bingyi’s love, but she can only rely on their own.Tao Junshu regards the piano as her life, and she never forgets her piano dream even under such difficult circumstances.She wrote the keys on the paper, and whenever she had time, her fingers flew in the air, immersed in her own piano world.Tao Junshu thought here is only temporary, after a period of time can go home.But day after day, year after year, there was no hope.In order to return to the city as soon as possible, she did not hesitate to devote herself to Director Dai.Director Dai also gave Tao Jun a big cake, painted a beautiful future, let her think the future is bright.In fact, Tao Junshu also knows that Director Dai is what kind of person, more know that he and a lot of female educated youth are engaged in together, but she is still desperate, want to take a shortcut.There is no such thing as pie in the sky.Unfortunately, Tao Junshu paid youth, pay chastity, for wear director dozen three times, and even lost fertility.In the end, she got nothing.Tao Junshu is finally able to escape here, rechase her piano dream, and start her new life.Not by beauty, not by shortcuts, but their best piano.It is she with the beautiful piano persuaded Dongmei, caused dongmei’s love just heart, the commune can only go to the university of the opportunity to hand over.Without dongmei’s generosity, Tao Junshu’s whole life would have been ruined.Taking a shortcut is like trading your soul with the devil, and the result is disastrous.I once had a reader tell me what happened to her.She grew up very beautiful, everyone said that she will marry a rich and powerful good husband.She has also been dreaming of being a rich lady. After graduation, she does not want to work, because she thinks work is too tired.Later, through the introduction of a more than ten years older than her big money, spending money like water, every day luxury car shuttle, big clothes to buy.Before long, she moved to the luxurious residence of big money, every day of the drink spicy, often laugh in the dream wake up, think a new face, on the peak of life.Unfortunately, good times did not last long, the business of big money encountered a bottleneck, a few times of cooperation were cut and.There is a fortune-telling that is with her character with discord, so, big money every day back to take her out of gas, hit her black and blue, the most severe time, ribs are broken.She later learned, of course, that the tycoon had a wife and children and would never marry her.However, she also had no place to go, or want to hug the thigh of the tycoon.But then something even worse happened.One day, the tycoon took her to a banquet.During the dinner, she got dizzy and woke up to know that she had been sent to the client as items by the tycoon.She became a hostess for the rich, but was afraid to tell her family.For so many years, she did not have the ability of self-survival, also dare not leave the big money, had to laugh before people, people after tears.She was greedy for riches and honour and eager for quick success and instant profits. Unfortunately, she forgot one word: if you are out of business, you will have to pay it back sooner or later.The shortcut is actually the absolute path, once set foot, want to turn back difficult.There are also many girls in the workplace who want to take advantage of their youth and beauty to get over the boss or customers and get ahead easily.However, the girls who tried to take the shortcut thought they were smart and ended up losing miserably.There was a girl at my old company who would seduce the VP to get ahead.Unfortunately, the deputy director than the fox also jing, the girl did not get the position that she wanted, in the company reputation also stinky, had to leave dejectly.Later, the girl felt the pain, turned over a new leaf, in the professional effort, created a new world.The gift of fate, already in the dark bidding good price.You’ll get as much as you spend on it.Wang Manni in “thirty only” also wanted to find a rich man to marry at the beginning, but met a bad person, met the Sea king, was also humiliated by the principal.Later, Wang Manni also faced temptation in the workplace, when making a choice, she said such a sentence: do things is nothing more than standing or lying down to do, but I prefer to choose standing!Wang Manni’s strength, with their own efforts, the more frustrated more yong, in the city to do the wind and water, have their own house and car.Winston Churchill once said: destiny is not dictated by chance, but by choice.The easiest way to take is the hardest one at last.It is better to rely on yourself than anyone else. In the end, the only person you can trust is yourself.There is no shortcut in life. What you see is that people are constantly paying, silently bearing the unexpected pain and sweat of ordinary people.Really smart girls know that happiness is never about being young and beautiful and taking shortcuts. It’s about constantly improving your ability and owning your own place through your own efforts.Author: pack sleeping cat, middle-aged old mother one.Worked as a real estate copywriter, writer, taobao shopkeeper, HR, experienced vicissitudes of life, heart is still soft.She says every fool expects to be awakened.