Made her name as a funny girl with 2 million followers and the biggest brain challenge eliminated? Who’s she from?

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Cold window study hard for more than ten years, only to have the dynasty gold list title;Countless students in China have a dream to attend Tsinghua university and Peking University. After all, such a prestigious university is an institution of higher learning, a starting point to witness wisdom, and also the proudest stepping stone to the society.Can be the world’s big, in most of the children for Tsinghua university dream hard writing, zhejiang a 00 girl decisively refused these famous universities, resolutely chose the university of hometown, but also part-time when the network red, in a short time with millions of fans, seized the era, by alternative script onto the peak of life.This makes people wonder whether the success of modern people really has nothing to do with their academic degrees.In fact, in such a serious society, when the net red also need a high degree, and even need the strongest brain, do not believe?Just look at Chen Xian.In 2001, a little girl was born in Ruian, Wenzhou. Her parents named her Chen Xian.Chen Xian has been smart since she was a child and loves learning. When other children are encouraged, Chen Xian completes her homework independently and can do it well without supervision.Because her face was a little round, she was nicknamed “pickles cake” by her classmates. Chen Xian was not angry and thought it was funny.Growing up, Chen Xian almost did not experience any major twists and turns, on the smooth completion of junior high school, college entrance examination 679 points.According to Chen Xian’s smart strength, she is expected to be able to go to Peking University and Tsinghua university to study, but Chen Xian, who has always been quiet, refused this opportunity, refused the reason is more bizarre: at the beginning could register for the north Of Qingqing, but Beijing is too far away from Zhejiang Ruian, so she chose Zhejiang University.I never expected that there would be people who refused to go to famous schools because of the distance, and Chen Xian was indeed unusual.As it turns out, if gold is gold, it shines everywhere.Later, Chen xian went to Zhejiang University, where she began her brilliant life.Chen Xian loves stage drama since childhood, so she is very sensitive to script and performance, and short video is very popular, so Chen Xian began to practice short video in her spare time.Self-directed, self-portrait, Chen Xian had a lot of fun.Later, Chen Xian went to college and got along with her dorm mates happily. It was fun to play and joke around. Chen Xian had a brainstorm and posted a short video of her dorm routine on the Internet.Never expected, is this unintentional move, let her instantly rose millions of fans, become worthy of the funny people.The videos shot by Chen Xian accidentally hit the daily life of contemporary young people in the dormitory. The neurotic “Chen Xian xian” always changes the content of the videos in an interesting way. For example, when it comes to the exciting part of watching horror movies, she will quickly close the computer, take out “Western Economics” and chew hot tiao while watching.For example, if the word is trapped, she will take out her socks and smell it to refresh herself….There are many funny reversal videos like this one. She is a straight-a student at Zhejiang University and a blogger on the short video platform, which has gained millions of followers in just a few months.Because of her round face, fans often make jokes about how someone can grow a pie on their face. When Chen xian reads this comment, she falls back and falls back in laughter.She never dreamed that her round face would be a source of joy to the audience.In January 2022, Chen Xian appeared in the Brain Season 9, which surprised fans.After all, how can an Internet celebrity compete with someone with a high IQ?As it turns out, the fans were wrong. Despite her cynicism, Chen Xian is very good in her professional field. She ranked seventh in the primary election.All kinds of operations let the audience sit up and take notice, in addition, her emotional intelligence is also very high, the atmosphere of tension in the competition, Chen Xian often use a sentence to laugh at the net friend, was asked to change the resource card, other players in serious consideration, Chen Xian said: “do you want to give 2 area friends a chance?”Just as the people in District 2 were saying “yes” excitedly, she changed her mind and said, “Maybe I should forget it!”The reversal of just two sentences amused the audience and made the solemn competition scene lively.When it came time for the official competition, Chen xian impressed the audience with her combination of ability and personality.Unfortunately, Chen Xian was eliminated in the 12 strong competition.Although it is to leave the end of the stage, but Chen Xian’s strength is still convincing, compared to ordinary people, she is still very smart.After ‘The Brain,’ Chen returned to her college career and short video writing.It can be said that she is a rare talented woman in modern times.The girl who can become a top student in her school and shoot a short video without missing out on her studies, without giving up or being obsolete, has a promising future.I used to think net red is to make money by chatting, but these years, net red also gradually volume, to spell education, spell content, but also to spell knowledge self-preservation.Therefore, no matter when, pay attention to study is fundamental, only the knowledge in my mind is rich, in order to keep up with the speed of social development, will not be eliminated.Chen Xian’s experience proves that academic degree is fundamental.Look at her. She’s got 2 million followers, she’s been on The Brain, she’s got a lot of popularity, she’s close to success, but behind all that success, she’s got a lot of knowledge.The philosopher Tagore once said: “Knowledge is the crystallization of precious stones, culture is the luster of the gem released.”END What do you want to say about Chen Xian?Welcome to the discussion. If you want to know more exciting content, follow Jin Yan