Looking back on the meteorite Culture and Health Industry Development Alliance in 2021, it will set sail for a grand achievement

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2021 is the year of rapid development of China (international) Meteorite Culture and Health Industry Development Alliance. After ten years of preparation, the industrial Alliance has accumulated profound theoretical research and practice foundation.In 2021, the alliance brings together the industry’s big names to conduct more in-depth discussion and research on the industry development and application.Alliance members have made clearer and more detailed plans for the future development, and all members are full of confidence in the future development.China (international) alliance is a meteorite, culture and health industry development by the magazine of the Chinese merchants, professional committee of China association of health care services and research, zhongguancun association for the advancement of culture industry innovation, old expert technical center health research institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, information institute of Chinese medicine in China, the Chinese association of cosmetic surgery, Beijing state heart ding international institute of medicine,Shanghai Chiyu Culture Development Co., LTD., Beijing Zhongyu Meteorite Scientific Research Co., LTD., Beijing Meteorite Ji Culture Technology Co., LTD., Jiangxi Huanxingu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and more than 40 units jointly launched and established in Hangzhou on November 17, 2020, aiming to promote and standardize the healthy and efficient development of the meteorite industry.In 2021, led by zhou Dewen, Chen Xudong, Jin Ling, Zhu Jianguo, Huang Fangping, Chen Hua and other members of the Presidium of the Alliance, a lot of effective work was done to overcome the impact of the epidemic, and an in-depth summary of the work in 2021 was made.The work report of industrial Alliance in 2021 is as follows:A, research first, development innovation, combining with the ministry of agriculture agricultural and meteorite meteorite and agriculture project cooperation of the topic, and by the Beijing zhongyu meteorites science co., LTD, Beijing xin ze garden ecological farm co., LTD., hunan macro micro kebo agricultural science and technology development co., LTD has carried out a series of ground practice project.2, the combination of water and meteorites Chiyu meteorite and zhejiang Academy of Chinese Medicine animal experiment center to do a series of studies on meteorites and water, fully proved that the meteorite water is safe and non-toxic and has the role of enhancing immunity, anti-fatigue and anti-aging.And won the honor of the national promotion project of appropriate technology for chronic disease prevention and control.3, the combination of kang to raise and meteorites that occupy the home Zhejiang huan star valley technology co., LTD. Around the home, have the idea, perfect combination with meteorites, creative research and development, to provide for a series of meteorite class health products (wearable: underwear, underwear, goggles, masks, shoes, insole, sportswear, waist support, wristbands, knee pads, etc;Furniture: mattress, pillow, quilt, quilt cover, sofa, do point, pillow, U-shaped pillow;Water treatment: water purifier filter, kettle, cup, etc.;Ceramics: tea sets, ceramic POTS, ceramic ornaments, etc.Jewelry: bracelets, pendants, bracelets, necklaces, toys, ornaments, etc.Daily cosmetics: facial mask, cosmetics, toothpaste, cleansing milk, soap, etc.Building materials: additives, paint, wallpaper, cloth, ceramic tile, wood floor, home decoration), Huanxinggu also launched meteorite medical purification system, which has the effect of sterilization, purification, energy saving and releasing negative ions, reducing natural air, and improving indoor air quality.4. Combination of TCM and meteorites The combination of TCM and meteorites subject group led by Secretary General Chen Hua systematically proposed the promotion guide of TCM meteorite health method after full investigation and demonstration and combined with the practice experience of ancient Chinese medicine.The aromatherapy and health method of Traditional Chinese medicine proposed and responsible by Professor Wang Junqiang was included in the “14th Five-year plan” key topic of the National Health Commission for the first time, which is another full affirmation of meteorite health therapy at the national level.Through these years of efforts, Shanghai Chiyu Cultural Development Co., Ltd. has obtained 16 national patents for meteorites, and has become the first national high-tech enterprise in the meteorite industry.I believe that there will be more and more technology enterprises like this in the meteorite industry.Without market recognition, everything is zero. The Meteorite Industry Alliance closely focuses on the market orientation of meteorite products, and the products produced first meet the different needs of different consumers for different types of meteorite health products.Such as meteorite water, Chiyu meteorite longevity stone launched by chiyu Company, to fear aging drink Chiyu meteorite water as the slogan, to solve the ordinary psychology of middle-aged and old people afraid of aging, accurate positioning of the product, deeply recognized and loved by market consumers.The meteorite ecological purification system launched by Huanxingu integrates various functions of disinfection, purification, energy saving, releasing anions and reducing natural air, systematically solving the problem of poor indoor air quality in people’s homes. As soon as the product hit the market, it won the favor of the market immediately.Meteorite ji launched the meteorite deep sleep space therapy, easy and simple to solve the pain of insomnia of general consumers, make it possible to sleep back to the baby and child times, the product is highly respected by consumers.The meteorite agricultural products launched by Beijing Zhongyu Meteorite Scientific Research Institute solve the problems of genetically modified products and pesticide residues, not only taste good, but also has the effect of strengthening the body.The meteorite aromatherapy and health method introduced by Professor Wang Junqiang, and the promotion guide of Chinese medical meteorite health method introduced by Dean Chen Hua, are both based on the research of ancient Chinese meteorite therapy, combined with modern science and technology and actual situation, and innovatively combined with Central and Chinese medicine. Through the magnetic vibration frequency of meteorite,Far-infrared meteorites have special effects combined with modern science and technology to achieve the role of chronic disease conditioning, prevention before disease.Three, industrial orientation, scientific layout.1. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region has completed endorsement and scientific research. There are Beijing Zhongyu Institute of Meteorite Science and Beijing Xinding International Medical Research Institute, Tianjin Meteorite Ji Meteorite Science Museum, Zhongyu Meteorite Exhibition Hall and Yanjiao National Xinding International Meteorite Health Law Promotion Center;2. With the meteorite health industry base as the core, the Yangtze River Delta strives to complete the construction of the comprehensive meteorite exhibition Hall (including the meteorite industry base) and the creation of the meteorite industry fund, and strives to complete the development pattern of at least one listed company within 3-5 years.3. With meteorite culture and art finance as the core, the Pearl River Delta has completed the strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Cultural Property Exchange. This year, it will focus on the promotion and implementation of the Meteorite Assets Research Institute of Shenzhen Cultural Property Research Institute.Through the national authority of the Shenwensuo meteorite trading platform, to realize the confirmation of the right to confirm the price of the meteorite, and finally achieve the realization of the meteorite circulation.2. Structural layout (meteorite, culture and health industry) 1. The meteorite health industry Meteorites industry in China, from meteorites health cuts to synagogue on November 18, 2018, Beijing science and technology of China held a 2018 (the first) deputies to the national congress of meteorites health industry, formally to complete systemic puts forward the concept of meteorites health industry,Since then, the spring of China’s meteorite industry has officially arrived, and the meteorite industry has achieved an unprecedented development climax in the future, which is the foundation of the meteorite industry.China’s meteorite culture has a long history, ancient and thousands of years, which is the soul of the meteorite industry. Combining with the needs of modern social and economic development, meteorite culture, art and finance will be integrated into one, planting wings for the development of the meteorite industry.With the launch of Shenwensuo Meteorite Assets Research Institute as a landmark event, the meteorite cultural industry has been recognized by the national platform, which is another milestone in the meteorite industry.3. The functional layout (1) meteorites industry alliance was established, first for meteorites industry industry standards, has basically completed the 2021 China (international) meteorite meteorite, culture and health industry standard draft, the draft is now entered the stage of for advice and modification, meteorites industry association will be a real standard setters for meteorites industry and users.The establishment of industrial union, (2) the meteorite will provide convenience for meteorites industry resource integration and fusion, the specification of meteorites industry orderly development, the current through the efforts of the alliance, has completed the citic group, deep culture, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, yanshan university and other domestic heavyweight platforms, such as national, state, state university of butt joint and cooperation, believe in the near future,With the joint efforts of the alliance members, there will be more, larger and more authoritative platforms and resources to form cooperation with the Meteorite Industry Alliance.Iv. Rapid development and bright future of China’s meteorite industry. Meteorite health industry has been proposed since the first Meteorite Health Conference held in Beijing China Science and Technology Hall on November 18, 2018.To November 18, 2020, 2020 in hangzhou (the second) China meteorite, culture and health industry conference was formally established in China (international) meteorite, culture and health industry development league, formally identified meteorite industry development direction and train of thought in China, under the joint efforts of all meteorites, the meteorite industry in China developing rapidly, the future seems jin,By the end of 2021, China’s meteorite industry data statistics are as follows: 1.Change in Number of participants 1. Prior to 2010:2.2010 — 2018:100,000 people participated in the first summit, and the 2018 summit affected millions of people.3. From 2018 to 2021 (after the first National Meteorite and Health Summit Forum), the number of participants increased to 1.5 million ii.Meteorite Museum and Exhibition Hall before 2010: Only the National Museum of Meteorites.2010 — 2018: Over 10 meteorite exhibition halls, large and small, nationwide.2018 — 2021: More than 100 large and small meteorite museums and exhibitions, covering all parts of the country.Three. Participation level before 2010: a minority of people playing with meteorites, including some collectors.2010 — 2018: Less than 100,000 people participated in the civil meteorite.2018 — 2021: Elites, government leaders, big names, industry experts and entrepreneurs are all involved.Four. Meteorite products before 2010, only simple original stone communication.2010 — 2018: Exchange of raw stones and ornaments.2018 — 2021: There are no less than 500 kinds of meteorite products, and meteorite + Infinite has become possible.Five. The establishment of the Meteorite Association There are the Meteorite Special Committee of the Chinese Ornamental Stone Association and the Meteorite Special Committee of the World Energy Natural Medical Association at the national level;Meteorite special committees have been established in all provinces, and now more than 20 provinces have established meteorite special committees;There are numerous meteorite special committees in various cities and counties.6. Meteorite exhibition and exchange fair was basically absent before 2010.2010-2018: There will be 3-4 exchange exhibitions in China every year.2018 — 2021: There will be 3-4 exchanges every month, and no less than 50 exhibitions and exchanges every year. These meteorite exhibitions and exchanges are organized by the national Meteorite Special Committee, provincial meteorite associations, and some civil meteorite associations and local meteorite associations, all kinds of which are available.Seven. Changes in the number of meteorite enterprises and output value before 2010: several meteorite enterprises, output value of hundreds of thousands to millions.2010 to 2018: Dozens of meteorite enterprises, output value of hundreds of thousands to tens of millions.From 2018 to 2021: There are several hundred meteorite enterprises and individual operators, with an output value of hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of yuan.Five, there are problems, to solve the first idea.1. Consumers have insufficient knowledge of the meteorite industry and meteorite products, and the education cost is high.2. There is no unity within the meteorite circle, and they resist and suppress each other.3. The identification of meteorite standards is still basically at the cognitive level of 100 years ago, and has not kept pace with The Times. It is urgent to meet the needs of social development, and the emergence of new meteorite standards needs to redefine the meteorite identification standards.4. Meteorite enterprises are small and scattered, without scale effect.5. The market is full of all kinds of fake meteorite products, which consumers cannot identify.6. The competent government departments have insufficient cognition and support for the meteorite industry.In view of the above problems in the meteorite industry, China (International) Meteorite Culture and Health Industry Development Alliance has carried out a series of work.1. Cooperate with shenwen Institute and other domestic authorities and platforms to reformulate the identification standards and product standards of meteorites, so that the meteorite industry can have its own Chinese standards in line with the needs of The Times in the future.2. By holding the National Meteorite Culture and health Industry Summit Forum, the industry influence is formed, so that more ordinary consumers can understand and participate in the meteorite industry (two sessions have been successfully held from 2018 to 2020, and the third National Meteorite Conference will be held on November 18, 2022).3. Build the Yangtze Delta Meteorite Comprehensive Expo Museum (integrate with the meteorite industry base, through the integration, integration and rapid formation of scale effect with the meteorite industry inside and outside, to create a listed meteorite company.4. Through cooperation with Shenzhen Institute of Culture and all kinds of national platforms, the confirmation of the right and price of meteorites is confirmed by the authoritative endorsement of the international platform, so that the realization and circulation of cultural artworks of meteorites is possible, and the pain point of the circulation link of the meteorite industry is broken through.Through one year’s work and run-in, the presidium members of the Meteorite Industry Alliance have carefully communicated and divided the main responsibilities as follows.Zhou Dewen (Chairman) : Resource docking, communication and transformation with government and capital.Chen Xudong (Executive Chairman) : Overall planning.To lead the development of China’s (international) meteorite culture and health industry, and to promote the establishment of meteorite industry base and industrial fund in the Yangtze River Delta.Jin Ling (Executive Vice President) : Brand building, systematic product series building, to achieve standardized large-scale operation of meteorite enterprises.Zhu Jianguo (Vice Chairman) : meteorite research and agricultural product development, integration of various resources in the meteorite industry and communication within the industry.Huang Fangping (Vice Chairman) : Research and development of meteorite health products, construction and operation of meteorite production base.Chen Hua (Secretary General), meteorite and Chinese medicine combined product research and development, forming a systematic and standardized operation process, daily communication and operation of the industry alliance.In the end, Chairman Zhou Dewen said that with the joint efforts of all members, the Industrial Alliance has made fruitful progress and found many existing problems, which were overcome one by one through the cooperation of all members, and also made everyone have a clearer understanding of the future development. I believe that under the scientific planning and layout,The whole industry will move to a new stage of development.