How to buy a new laptop?Often play games to buy which notebook computer more appropriate?

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The most important thing to buy notebook computer is suitable for their own use, each brand design concept and product characteristics are not the same, the purpose of understanding the brand is to facilitate the finding of their own models, the current stable sales list of brands are:Lenovo, Huawei, Dell, Apple, Acer, Honor and other brands, followed by Xiaomi, Shenzhou, Mechanical revolution, etc., are very good computer brands, both quality and after-sales are very good.For newcomers, the most difficult is the computer configuration, let’s take a look at the computer and several parameters: the most common one, CPUCPU is the central processing unit (CPU), is responsible for the core of computer operation, control, output and feedback, etc., the operation of the CPU performance decided to computer fluency, CPU currently on the market there are two suppliers, Intel and AMD sharp dragon.Second, graphics card graphics card is GPU, graphics card is responsible for processing computer picture and display, divided into integrated graphics card and independent graphics card, integrated graphics card is integrated on the CPU graphics card, also known as the core graphics card, it and CPU is one, weak performance, can complete some basic work, suitable for office, learning, brush drama, code with.The stand-alone graphics card is more powerful and can play some large games, video clips and render 3D scenes.Three, memory and hard disk We often see the product introduction mentioned RAM, refers to the memory, used to store the temporary data when the computer runs, the current commonly used memory is 16G, basically can meet the use of most people’s needs, hard disk is mostly 512G solid state disk.Finally, we should pay attention to screen size, resolution, interface and other information. Before purchasing, we can compare more online. There are many lines for offline purchasing, and all model configurations of online products are clearly marked.Although there are many laptop models, they can be divided into three categories according to their functions, namely, the game, the all-powerful and the light and thin. Here are several models with good reputation to recommend for you. Let’s look at them together.A, Lenovo rescuer R9000P 16-inch game this, the price of 7999 yuan, Lenovo rescuer series is designed for the game to build, models are more, from more than five thousand yuan to ten thousand yuan, you can choose their own price according to the budget.Choose 2 in the second, asus 15.6 in this computer game, price 8299 yuan, also has a lot of the chosen type, different configuration price difference is bigger, the chosen series the higher levels in appearance, the dimensional feeling of apparent and match colors, more in line with the young boy and girl’s aesthetic, performance is also very strong, solid bright light after make the picture more realistic, low latency of winning advantage technology,Advanced AI brings improved abilities and new benefits for players.Alien ALIENWARE M15 R6 high-end game this, Alien is dell’s sub-brand, has been going high-end series, prices are more than ten thousand yuan, the main high-performance game this, using the 11th generation of Intel Core I7-11800H processor, new CPU rack, built-in Ai intelligent acceleration,With the new RTX 3080 series ray left master graphics card, the maximum power is 125W.Advanced display switching technology, which can switch between 360Hz and 240Hz, not only extends battery life, but also provides a tearing and stack-free gaming experience through G-Sync, reducing system consumption, providing excellent performance and low latency while the game is running, bringing a better gaming experience.Omnipotent this recommended recommended lenovo small new P embrace 16 sharp dragon version, omnipotent this price than some local game, configuration is not as good as the game, suitable for daily office or light game use.If you play a lot of aaa titles, go with a game book.It is affordable, compact and has a long battery life, making it easy to carry around. Recommended model: Huawei MateBook 14 laptop.The above is the notebook computer classification, we can choose according to their actual needs, about “how to buy a notebook computer novice?Which laptop is better for regular gaming?”Here for everyone, I hope the above content will be helpful to you.