How to build “waste free city”?See “Xining mode” vivid practice

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Since 2019, 8 enterprises in Xining have been approved as national “green factories”.The picture shows ganhe Industrial Park under blue sky and white clouds after the construction of “waste free city”.When the kangxi market in the chengdong district of Xining city is about to close, business owners carry a large bag of rotten leaves and leftovers into a unified storage point, and then tidy up their stalls.Kangxi market is the first “waste free market” in Xining city. Orderly, clean and tidy has become the new label here.Every day, the waste from here and the city’s daily production of more than 200 tons of food waste, together with the collection of special treatment workshops.In 2021, xining city generated more than 90,000 tons of kitchen waste, concentrated through anaerobic fermentation, solid-liquid separation and other processes, to generate more than 3 million cubic meters of biogas, residual biogas residue used for the production of organic fertilizer.Part of the biogas is transferred to Qinghai West Mine Tongxin Chemical Co., LTD through biological power generation.Electric power also drives complete sets of workshop equipment to produce anhydrous hydrogen fluoride.The process produces fluorgypsum, which used to be treated as waste, and is now sent downstream to make cement.From leftover vegetables and leaves to biogas power generation and chemical production, the complex process of “eating, dry squeezing and cleaning” is an epitome of Xining’s efforts to build a “waste free city”.As a national “waste free city” pilot, After more than two years of exploration, Xining city has formed 10 comprehensive utilization chains, including general industrial solid waste, restaurant waste, agricultural and animal husbandry manure and sewage. Every year, 1.3 million tons of industrial solid waste is recycled, with the comprehensive utilization rate reaching 93% and the comprehensive disposal rate of restaurant kitchen waste exceeding 95%.In addition, Xining city has carried out ecological civilization education for schools, communities, families and enterprises to gather people’s minds and wisdom and promote the greening of production and life styles.At present, Xining has built more than 1,300 “waste free cells” such as green factories, green shopping malls, green restaurants, green schools, green communities and green families.At the same time, through strong propaganda and guidance and the construction of “waste free cells”, promote the concept of “waste free” in the whole society into the brain and heart into action, and create N waste free green cells to guide the whole people to build a “134N” waste free Xining model.The plastic film discarded by farming is recycled and processed into manhole covers and road cones;Manure excreted by livestock is processed into organic fertilizer through “upcycling”;Hazardous wastes in factories and hospitals become building materials after recycling and processing.”Waste free” Xining not only makes garbage a “treasure” placed in the right place, but also makes it a new beautiful “scenery” of this ancient plateau city.These achievements did not happen overnight. They were incremental.Pilot, xining to “green reduction, ecological recycling, safe and harmless” as the goal, to make up for JiGu waste infrastructure short, concise innovation characteristics of solid waste management system, strengthen the propaganda and education, no waste at the same time in the three areas of industry, agriculture, life extension with solid waste industry chain, build the western plateau ecological fragile areas without waste mode.Ecological priority is both a constraint and an opportunity.In the field of agriculture, driven by organic fertilizer processing enterprises, agricultural production wastes such as livestock and poultry waste, crop straw and other wastes have basically realized green circulation in the region.At the same time, Xining city to strengthen green, organic, geographical indications and good agricultural practices of agricultural products certification, green garlic seedlings, carrots and other 32 products through green food certification, agricultural brand construction speed up.In the industrial field, Xining actively optimized the traditional industrial structure such as chemical industry and smelting industry, promoted the recycling, resource utilization and ecological development of industry, followed the green development model of “new energy” and “pro-environment”, and the energy consumption per unit GDP decreased by 7.5% year-on-year.A large number of thermal power generation units shut down, driving photovoltaic, fan and other manufacturing materials production in full swing.”Scenery” installation climbed, new energy vehicles are favored, promote the development of lithium electric energy storage blowout.At present, xining’s production capacity of polysilicon, lithium electric materials and carbon fiber for the production of clean energy equipment accounts for about 20%, 33% and 36% of the national total, respectively.During the 14th Five-year Plan period, Xining city will build an industrial cluster of 300 billion yuan for photovoltaic manufacturing, lithium electric energy storage and new materials.Relying on the outstanding advantage of qinghai’s hydropower, solar energy, wind power and other clean energy generation accounting for about 90%, Xining’s traditional high energy consumption enterprises, which mainly focus on electricity consumption, are being transformed into green industries with low carbon emissions.Xining will also cover the construction of “waste free city” in the field of life, further promote the “Clean plate action”, advocate green travel, and guide the public to actively practice “waste free” life from multiple angles and ways.At present, 350 residential areas, 105 organs, enterprises and public institutions, 115 schools and 3 municipal hospitals carry out household garbage classification. The municipal household garbage classification covers 304,000 households in total, accounting for 95% of the standard. The enthusiasm of citizens to practice green waste free lifestyle is getting higher and higher.In xining today, every corner of the city and the countryside is pulsating with the cells of “waste free city”, and the achievements of “waste free city” construction can be found in every sense of happiness, gain and security of citizens’ life.In the future, Xining will continue to write happiness between green mountains and clear waters, so that ecological beauty will become the sustainable welfare of jiangyuan land.