How does World of Warships improve its torpedo attack rate?Anticipate the other person’s coping strategy

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“World of Warships” this classic military theme game has been deeply loved by players, the new version of the online, to attract more players to join them, rich game content and blockbuster audio-visual effects let players on the new version of the game is full of praise.Now with version 0.11.0, players can hire super ships and earn team stars with their teammates. It’s a multiplayer competitive game, perfect for playing with real-life friends.World of Warships 0.11.0 added C cruisers, asymmetric combat mechanics, and more, but no matter what part of the game you play, you need to win and participate in battles to earn rewards.Therefore, it is very important to master combat skills, which include not only sufficient understanding of the warship, but also mastering inspection skills, torpedo range and other strategies.Using torpedoes to attack enemy ships has certain skills, you can observe the enemy ship first, if the torpedo system indicates that the direction of the hit is close to vertical, and then judge whether the enemy ship is in the range, if you can reach the next direction to judge the enemy ship.If you want to attack a battleship, it will have a greater chance of hitting because its rudder is not flexible enough.However, if the other player is not a white player, he or she will react to the danger as soon as he or she senses it, often choosing the course that maximizes output.Therefore, if you want to attack the opponent’s battleship, you can drop the torpedo twice, once in the turn hit zone, once in the system warning zone.If you are confident in your judgment, you can also drop the triple-barreled concentrator to increase damage to enemy ships.If you want to use a torpedo against an opponent’s cruiser, the method is similar, but the cruiser turns rudder faster than the battleship. If you use the same method to attack the opponent, it is likely to be easily avoided, and you will waste another opportunity.If the system indicates that the direction of impact is near vertical, the torpedo can be dropped directly near the area of impact.If the direction of impact is 60 degrees or 120 degrees, the enemy ship can send the torpedo to the horizontal minefield if it is within range.Even a relatively nimble cruiser was hard to dodge when enemy ships were facing the torpedo laterally.Finally, there is the matter of time. Torpedoes usually travel 10 kilometers in 40 seconds, and some destroyers can’t even reach 10 kilometers.Therefore, when attacking the other side, but the other side is running away, do not pursue, if you want to attack at close range, it is not feasible, destroyers and other types of warships are not comparable in attack.These techniques will give you some ideas for how to fight, but the proof is in the fact that you have to do it yourself to know exactly what you need to do to win.World of Warships already has a wide variety of ships, and as the content of the game improves, new ships are constantly being added.Officials have been expanding not only the game content, but also various online activities.Until January 31, players can take part in the ongoing “New Year koi” event, which is as simple as logging in to your account and Posting a blessing message to receive a blessing package and win a koi draw.For more rewards and more detailed rules, sign up on the campaign page of the official website.As version 0.11.0 goes live, the “Simultaneous Celebration of the World” mission will continue to be available, and players will be able to earn premium battleship supply chests and other tantalising rewards by participating in a timed mission until 3pm on February 1.Instead of playing a variety of New Year’s celebrations at the same time, there will be opportunities to acquire additional supply chests, camos, and more.The opportunity to enjoy the game through combat experience and to win big prizes should be seized.