Han Da Li Zhong | Shanxi version of the red film story comic strip “Liu Hulan” released in 1950

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“Liu Hulan” is directed by Feng Bailu war film, produced by the Northeast Film Studio in 1950, Hu Zongwen, Lu Xiaoya, Pan Demin and other actors participated in the performance, tells the story of Liu Hulan’s heart since childhood planted the seeds of hatred.The Red Army came and distributed the property of the landlord Lu Shanqing to the poor.Liu Hulan understood the truth of the revolution from a story told by comrade Sun, a red Army soldier.Handa Lizhong comic strip related links to appreciate:Qing-jiang meng award-winning comic “liu hulan” classic painting painted pictures story comic “liu hulan” qing-jiang meng qing-jiang meng divergent opinions about Li Jiyuan and painting ink painting classic revolutionary stories comic “sister jiang” revolutionary figures comic “sister jiang” Ye Darong | be painting Beijing version of revolutionary figures comic story “sister jiang” Yang Yiming Li Yuanshi Li Quan draw revolutionary figures comic “zhao man wangIn the autumn of painting