Gu Ailing, who immigrated to China to give up her American citizenship, won the third gold medal in the Winter Olympics on February 8.

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Lead the 2022 winter Olympics were held in Beijing, the rest of the world the delegation has arrived in Beijing, Feb. 4 night, winter Olympics opening ceremony in director zhang yimou, showed a history of the opening ceremony, and it has been four days of Olympics, Chinese athletes also harvest, among them, to give up choose immigrant Chinese americans GuAiLing,For China to successfully win a crown!It is not an easy job to be a skier, which requires athletes to spend years in cold ski resorts for training again and again. At the Beijing Winter Olympics, China’s athletes also made great efforts to win outstanding results in the East Olympics.On February 8, freestyle skiing big platform game, China chose GuAiLing won the third crown for China, this is a historic moment, it is understood that free skiing GuAiLing action in the third jump, showed an unusually high difficulty jump, grade 94.50 points won the gold medal, the jump, also successfully recorded in history.Immigration to China GuAiLing GuAiLing grew up with family in the United States, because my father is American, so GuAiLing was born, also have the American citizen, but mother for hometown thoughts are very deep, at the age of 15 GuAiLing under the support of family, resolutely gave up the grew up with their American identity, choose into the arms of China,The post-00s skier, now only 18 years old, has already won a gold medal at the Winter Olympics for China.Conclusion This is the first gold medal gu Ailing won in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and Gu Ailing still has a long way to go. We feel happy for Gu Ailing’s success, and at the same time, we call on more patriotic people like Gu Ailing to return to the embrace of the motherland.