Can buddhist monks do business

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Recently, shaolin Temple investment real estate company on the Internet speculation hot, many people follow the wind rub heat, but do they really understand Buddhism?Obviously, they don’t know whether monks can invest in business or not. You will know after reading the history of Buddhism.Images from network buddhist monks in India are begging begging, because India’s social background and we are different, India is a nation of religious belief, monks in India is a very respected, no matter what teach all have monk, indians think would support monk is a blessing, so a lot of people are willing to support monks, and will not mock monk begging,In India only monks are allowed to beg.Images from the network but were not allowed to begging the Buddhism in China, because the buddhist monk is the emperor, please, the emperor how to begging please of the guest, this is not lose the face of the emperor, the original can qualify are royalty of buddhist, so the monk to support by the state, the emperor ministers also can give some support, the monks life secure,But at that time, Chinese were not allowed to become monks.Images derived from the network Chinese later appeared the first monk, countries not to support monk, but allow people to belief in Buddhism, the monks life source part by followers of family money, part by emperors and ministers of donations, then there is a monk said that monks will become lazy and emperor a guess, not money support monks, but large areas of land for the temple,Monks who farm their own land could also receive incense money, which continued until the founding of The People’s Republic of China. Because of the land reform, the temple land was distributed to farmers. The state allowed monks to receive incense money and donations, and monks were also allowed to do some commercial activities for living.Images derived from the network life source of buddhist monks are changes with the change of era background, no fixed form in discipline, Buddhism in India have not money to quit, because they can be begging, don’t hold the money in China can’t adapt to, so the temple’s business practices are not in violation of state law, also not in violation of the precepts of Buddhism,Don’t know why always someone deliberately denigrate Buddhism is purpose, many religions in the world have business practices used to sustain life, Christian Catholic have hospital winery vineyard, Islam has a slaughterhouse monopoly for beef and mutton, and the Taoist medicine doctor catch ghost practice, this is all business practices, because religious personnel also need to life, need to the expansion of the field and repair the field.Some people are easy to see others make money envy, psychological imbalance, say some acid remarks, used to vent their inner dissatisfaction, you believe it or not, please do not slander nonsense, because slander can only reflect your ignorance.Images from the Internet