Another YY “electric mother” was born, God hao cross-platform only big Duo Duo, put words to support hao brush millions

2022-06-14 0 By

Recently, YY live broadcast platform was born another beautiful anchor with extraordinary gold drawing ability, “Hui Entertainment” association beautiful anchor Big Duo duo with a single force to raise the “GDP” of the association.Since this year, the list of YY anchor “Big Duo” has always been high, and it has been one of the most “money-sucking” female anchors in YY.At present, the average daily list growth rate of Big Duo duo is more than 100,000, which also makes many YY fans comment on it, frankly speaking, another female anchor of YY “nuclear power plant” was born.Big Duo duo is currently in the studio is the eldest brother constantly, which also let emblem entertainment association “empty city” brother also earned a lot.From the annual ceremony began, big Duo duo got god hao “Kylin baby” kind of support hao brush, help big Duo Duo won “best female talk show” group runner-up.Were it not for big duo duo in the grouping has text son, presumably the champion of this group is also non big duo Duo mo.According to big duo duo discloses, the true identity of kylin elder brother is still a “son inherits father’s business” the old manager of listed company.Because the eldest brother’s father has retired, in god after kylin brother took over the company to do listed companies.In near period of time, big duo duo direct broadcast room again appeared a top class god hao, and this eldest brother is still from outside the station through big duo duo’s short video drainage come.This big brother also performed well in YY’s recent team battle. He supported BIG Duo Duo Hao Brush to win, bringing YY the first exciting team battle of the opening year.The strength of the big brother “little tomato” is also very strong, from outside the station specially YY to find big Duo Duo give her to brush, after the group he put words to give big Duo Duo hao brush ten million.In addition, god hao “little tomato” said if big duo duo group fight up, they can “empty brush” 200,000, and can brush every day.Recently, The weekly list of Big Duo duo topped 2 million, which is also the first list of YY anchors.As we all know, female anchors have rhythm and “black powder” after they have big brother.Because “small tomato” ground appears big duo duo live broadcast room also appears many “black pink” take rhythm, this also lets eldest brother be implicated.Big duo Duo bluntly because eldest brother is very important, also act coquettish ground expresses oneself to let eldest brother scold only, others scold all not line, coax eldest brother is also docile.In the female anchor “big Duo Duo” become electric mother at the same time, YY live and a very can brush big brother.Finally, do we think this big brother can become the god of “stirring up” the new situation of YY? How long can he spend on YY?