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The 148th press conference of Shanghai’s epidemic prevention and control work was held at 10 am on April 9 to introduce the latest situation of epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai.In order to effectively contain the spread of COVID-19 and realize the goal of eliminating all social contacts as soon as possible, Shanghai plans to carry out nucleic acid testing for all members of its staff in accordance with the relevant regulations on community prevention and control of COVID-19 and the situation of previous rounds of screening.According to the analysis and judgment of the test results, Shanghai will implement differentiated prevention and control by region and level, and carry out step management according to the risk degree and the principle of dividing the three districts.The so-called three areas are the containment area, control area and prevention area.Prevention zones refer to residential communities, natural villages, units and places where no positive cases have been reported in the past 14 days. The prevention and control strategy is to reduce movement and avoid gathering, and appropriate activities can be carried out within the administrative area, but the gathering of people should be strictly restricted.Control area is nearly no positive patients report within 7 days of residential area, natural or units and places, home health monitoring control strategy is implemented seven days, never leave, it is forbidden to gather, peak fetch, in principle that occupy the home, on the premise of strictly for personal protection, we can go downstairs for a walk, the non-contact access material separate time to the designated area,At the same time, we should also strengthen the disinfection of items.Containment areas refer to residential communities, natural villages, units and places where positive infected persons have been reported in the past 7 days. The prevention and control strategy is to implement 7-day containment management, with closed areas, staying indoors and door-to-door services.A total of 95.27 million people have been screened in Shanghai since April 4, and 94,400 positive people have been detected out of samples completed by the end of the day.Screening results show that the number of daily infections in Shanghai is at a high level recently.The top five regions with cumulative infections were Pudong New Area, Minhang, Xuhui, Huangpu and Jiading.The epidemic in Shanghai is characterized by regional clustering, especially in densely populated units, enterprises and old villages.Medical security work for residents in locked-in areas Medical security work for residents in locked-in areas is carried out by street, town or village committees in cooperation with local medical institutions in the form of grid to map residents’ health needs, establish drug dispensing demand ledger and implement classified management.The community arranges volunteers to take medicine for common and chronic diseases of residents by dispensing drugs on behalf of local community health service centers.Community health service centers can also implement the advantage side policy for patients with chronic diseases who take drugs for a long time, and can dispense drugs for up to 3 months.At the same time, the family doctor team also takes the initiative to connect with the contracted residents in the community to understand their needs and provide services.For specialized drugs that cannot be allocated in primary-level medical institutions, such as psychiatric drugs and specialized drugs for tumor treatment, the community and village committees play the role of volunteers, register and summarize residents’ relevant drug dispensing information, form drug dispensing teams, and go to the special Windows of designated hospitals to get drugs.At the same time, residents can also use Internet hospitals for follow-up visits and prescriptions.At present, Shanghai has approved 85 medical institutions to obtain the qualification of Internet hospital, and most of them deliver drugs through the platform of Sinopharm, Shanghai Opharm and other enterprises. Due to the influence of drug warehouse sealing control, elimination of express sites, isolation of couriers and other factors, the time of drug delivery has been extended to a certain extent.Shanghai has stepped up efforts to connect logistics platforms to restore transport capacity as soon as possible to guarantee residents’ demand for medicines.To respond to the public to grab food difficult, not to send problems such as the first is to lock the source of goods at any time.Pay close attention to the production situation of major production areas, strengthen the connection with major production areas of vegetables and pork, and lock local sources of goods.Ministries and commissions have established a ministry-level coordination mechanism, and three transfer stations for daily necessities have been put into operation: Kunshan in Jiangsu province, Pinghu in Zhejiang Province and Xijiao International in Shanghai.At the same time, it is also taking the mode of railway and highway combined transport to allocate daily supplies to Shanghai.Second, nodes should be fully open.According to the white list of supply insurance, all districts should open wholesale markets, distribution centers, logistics centers, e-commerce warehouses, central kitchens and other distribution nodes to enable the commercial supply insurance system to basically operate under the premise of implementing epidemic prevention measures.Third, ensure the supply of personnel to the full.We will allow deliverymen and other security personnel who have been quarantined in communities for reasons not related to COVID-19 to return to their posts.Organize the connection between postal express and SF Express and key insurance and supply enterprises, and carry out urban delivery.Fourth, special groups will be guaranteed.For special groups such as elderly people living alone, women and infants, all districts have established emergency insurance and supply mechanisms that link key insurance enterprises with key streets and towns.Five is the last 100 meters of delivery home.All districts are required to take the community as the unit of life supplies to ensure the community service team, the last 100 meters home service.Editor: Wen Kesong Responsible editor: Liu Yahong Source: CCTV net integrated CCTV news, China News network, People’s Daily