Civilized tourism is popular in Sanya

2022-06-13 0 By

Report from our correspondent (reporter Li Shaoyun) brilliant spring scenery, is a good season for outing, On February 9, the reporter visited to see, sitting in sanya Bay beach to enjoy the beauty of the citizens of tourists in groups.The delicate civilization signs in the lawn also remind visitors to pay attention to their behavior and share the beautiful spring scenery.Although they are outdoors, citizens and tourists insist on wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, and take away their trash in a timely manner.”Sanya has many good places to relax, and we have a responsibility to maintain good environmental hygiene, so I brought garbage bags to take away leftover food and garbage.”Wu Ayi, a citizen, told reporters that she often saw volunteers in public places to guide tourists to travel in a civilized way and improve their awareness of civilized tourism in a subtle way.”Hello, I am civilized travel volunteer, how can I help you?”In yalong Bay tropical Paradise Forest Park, several volunteer guides are smiling as they serve tourists amid the bustling crowds.”I have been a volunteer for several years, and I can feel that the awareness of civilized tourism among citizens is constantly improving.”Civilized tourism volunteer He Xia told reporters that in the past, garbage littering, lawn trampling and other uncivilized behavior is now almost “extinct”, civilized tourism has become a trend.The reporter learned that during the Spring Festival holiday, the municipal Tourism and cultural Bureau jointly carried out the “civilized tourism into scenic spots” publicity activities, issued civilized tourism leaflets to citizens and tourists, guide tourists to “safe travel, civilized tourism”.In addition, since launching the campaign to build a national civilized city, Sanya, while constantly improving the image of the city, has deepened the construction of civilization, vigorously remedied bad tourism habits, strengthened publicity and guidance, and made civilized tourism a habit of more people and the concept of civilized tourism deeply rooted in people’s hearts.