Lining up three drawing results 6429 notes were drawn for direct selection of 2022031

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When I went out this morning, I passed a park on the street. I saw many old men in the park. Some were playing chess, some were exercising, some were practicing tai chi, and some were holding up their heads and howling to practice their voice.Sometimes think about it, this kind of life is a leisurely life, but many people can only enjoy it when they are old.Others are even worse, some work 996 hours, and some can’t live a comfortable life in their old age.This is the world, and the fate of people is different.Number: 2022031 Date: 2022-02-10 (Thursday) Number: 6 0 5 Number attribute:The number form is group 6 form, the sum value is 11, the span is 6, the size ratio is 2:1, the parity ratio is 1:2, the quality ratio is 1:2, the three-area ratio is 1:2:0, and the 012 road ratio is 2:0:1.Serial number None, same number none.In this issue, 6429 bets are made out of the three-way selection, with a single bonus of 1040 yuan;Group 3 offers 0 bet, single bet bonus is 346 YUAN;For Group 6, 12573 will be drawn with a single prize of $173.A total of 19,002 bets were made for direct selection, group 3 and Group 6 prizes, totaling 8,861,289 yuan. Who won the grand prize?Congratulations to the lottery winners in this issue!The total sales volume of this period is 26,199,412 yuan, which is very popular.The total number of winning bets for this period was 19002, with a total amount of RMB 8,861,289, representing a payout rate of 33.82%.After the award, the remaining 17,338,123 yuan will be included in the next prize pool.The prize pool is still rich, lottery friends will still have a chance to win 2 yuan in the next 1000 yuan prize.Good luck to you all!The forecast of the next issue 2022032 is as follows: 6-yard compound: 0124675 yard compound: 012464 yard compound: 0124 hundred/ten/piece: 789/456/047.The following is a list of three recent 19 lottery numbers: 2022031:60 52022030:4 6 02022029:1 3 42022028:9 6 12022027:9 2 42022026:6 1 82022025:9 7 42022024:5 0 32022023:4 8 92022022:9 7 42022021:4 9 22022020:5 1 52022019:8 5 52022018:7 2 92022017:The above is the content of this lottery, no matter you win the big prize or the small prize, no matter you win or empty-handed, don’t lose heart.Public welfare, second prize!As long as there is a dream, there is hope in life!