Just encourage yourself to get through it

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Just encourage yourself through oliver/Sun Shuheng the things of the world, there are always off guard, the sudden outbreak, this is just a small area closed the first day the sky is still high, boundless, where is the big dipper plot to quiet down, rolling car neatly placed, pieces of snow flashing light, a snow fall, the earth all things can’t be immune to the wind, the branches shook,Rose red lanterns on fire right now, and the floating of fireworks stretched to the line of sight of my heart some lonely, “the most difficult time, don’t have to think too far in the future, as long as it is good to encourage yourself through today” “white angel” wear protective clothing is clearing the nucleic acid testing after medical waste, in order to avoid any security in instead of cleaners cleaning the yard, the messy courtyard,Do tidy property and volunteers for YiHuHu residents to purchase goods, “FangXinCai” and then everyone with fast food, cheerful, and no one refused to cold also declined to care and community people so natural, relaxed, there are so many doubts, swallow into the belly, don’t bother don’t blame don’t ask, don’t these how vivid figure, how beautiful,This is the most beautiful physical manifestation of the epidemic, and I’m walking beside them, not shaking hands, shaking hands, nodding my head, I’m not a fragile glass heart, and when my hair is long and gray, I must be so comforted, and someone says:A person greedy for food and sleep, that heart loneliness into disease everything just, no talk, more lonely more profound, I walk, write poetry, practice, reading……Practice talking to the birds, pass the greetings out lonely stop, look at the sky, look at the clouds, look at the planes flying over, look at the children playing…Immerse mood down, I heard the sound of a rumbling, feel a tremor body, this is the heart of February, rolling breathtaking, bone an answer in the past time, the wind, blowing all the time, are quietly carried through spring, all through the lift up again after heart round round, to “rain”, nor that it is too early to a profusion of garden flowers,Then hang the flowers of the balcony in the bosom of spring.There is no extra day in this world, watching the sun does not set, guarding the quiet sunshine such a day, full of intimate and warm.(Author profile: Sun Shuheng, pen name Hengxinyongzai, born in Naiman Banner, Inner Mongolia, now lives in Hohhot.Member of Chinese Financial Writers Association, Chinese Essayist Association, Inner Mongolia Writers Association, Inner Mongolia Poetry Society, Western Essayist Association)