Gengma to improve the appearance of the village to build a beautiful village

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Last year, gengma dai wa autonomous county for “11073” the country revitalization of the demonstration project lead, full implementation of roads, housing, green water, green village, village, net “toilet revolution” and seven people and separation engineering, promote the beautiful livable village, village clean, clean the yard and flowers blooming demonstration villages to create work, village CunMao promotion effect is obvious.In accordance with the eight standards for the first grade of rural living environment, we have carried out comprehensive improvement in villages that are “clean and tidy, upgraded to a higher level, and ecologically livable.” We have made solid progress in rural revitalization, and the quality of village compliance efforts has been significantly improved.County to create 1 file village 485, two file village 224, three file village 111.In 2021, a total of 41.42 million tons of rural household garbage, 96 ponds, 393.7 kilometers of ditches, 647.3 tons of silt, and 8.92 million tons of agricultural waste, including livestock and poultry waste, were disposed of.Clean 11,000 kilometers of roads in the village, demolish 229 dilapidated walls.With rural greening, listing of ancient and famous trees, building clean villages and clean courtyards, building provincial hygienic towns and villages and so on, comprehensive rural governance will be carried out.A total of 16,925.9 square meters of rural greening has been carried out in 8 villages, and 13 villages have been managed and protected with 580 ancient and famous trees listed.A total of 256 beautiful and livable villages, 653 clean villages, 9,335 clean courtyards and 45 villages with blooming flowers have been built.Natural village water, electricity, road patency rate is 100%.Altogether 62 civilized villages and towns have been built, including 2 state-level, 15 city-level and 39 county-level.With the focus on improving the quality of living environment, the toilet revolution continued to advance.The county has built a total of 92 public toilets at the location of the village committee of administrative villages (92 flushing toilets), 25 public toilets in natural villages, and 49,301 sanitary toilets have been rebuilt.Sanitary latrines cover more than 85 percent of the country, and toilet waste is basically treated or recycled.The treatment of rural household garbage has reached full coverage. The county has built 42 garbage transfer stations, 7 low-temperature pyrolysis and incineration waste treatment plants, 749 domestic garbage ponds, 20 garbage trucks, 5,640 “perishable” and “non-perishable” garbage bins, 1,380 garbage cans, and 602 environmental sanitation cleaners.Completed the investigation of the current situation of rural domestic sewage, black and smelly water investigation, rural domestic sewage treatment completed 315 natural villages.(correspondent Li Yongxiang) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: