Channel mold price?Dimensions and parameters are attached

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Channel mold price?Attached dimensions and parameters: channel moulds are usually operated and produced in accordance with the prefabrication method. Before each processing, workers need to fully understand the operation steps and be familiar with the production method before they can be used.Channel mold production costs more expensive, never use it operate at random, but the construction of concrete channel is simply to sewage or rainwater collection, before the construction workers are measuring lines, professional construction team will be equipped with a variety of construction equipment, before the formal construction can dig up a long trench,Manual meticulous treatment and finish the work of the bedding.Channel itself is a weight, because the size up to 2 m, use 1 m, width and height of the internal often is consistent, such as 50, 60, 80, 100 cm, etc., at the time of homework need to do some work of sewage treatment, in the past for a long time will have different degrees of sinking, so they need to be used after backfill soil compaction machine,Keep the bottom of the whole ditch flat, the next is to place the channel next to one another, do not worry about the gap in the middle, through the measurement of the use of cement to smooth the sealing seam processing.Every time the channel mold is used, the worker must observe it on the side, and the mold should be disassembled immediately after the mud solidification, so that the rough mud can not exist in the mold for a long time. Of course, after demoulding, the sand and stone particles should be cleaned.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Lichang mold knowledge