“The sky is dark, the road is slippery, the society is complex”, the young teacher should remember these 10 unspoken rules!

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“The sky is dark, the road is slippery, the society is complex”, this sentence reveals that the reality of life is more cruel than everyone imagined.In school, if you do not understand these hidden rules, it is easy to slide into the abyss of life and unable to extricate themselves.01 to often show themselves although the school is relatively “clean”, little infighting, but in the face of interests, still disputes, numerous contradictions.Therefore, you should learn to show yourself often and not be looked down upon, otherwise, you will be the existence of the bully.02 to learn to protect yourself and teachers get along, humility and tolerance is a virtue, but humility and tolerance too much, will hurt yourself, so when a teacher stepped on you, you must learn to treat someone as they are treated.Be brief and keep to the point, or no teacher will listen to you.04 to actively create a conversation atmosphere in a variety of informal occasions, do not dominate other people’s conversation, but to learn to create a conversation atmosphere, respect other people’s conversation, so that each teacher has the opportunity to fully express themselves.Avoid controversy In public, try to avoid controversial topics.In such situations, try to cover it up with light-hearted topics or jokes to avoid getting yourself into unnecessary trouble.Avoid talking about Yourself whenever possible. In all cases, even if you are dealing with an excellent person, avoid talking about yourself whenever possible.If you don’t control your emotions and ignore other people’s displeasure, you’ll be a pest.Eyes are the Windows to your soul. When you talk to someone, dare to look them in the eye.Play deep or mysterious and people will leave you.Because, in order to understand a person’s emotions or needs, the eyes express them.08 Spreading no Libels The spreading of libels may for a while give you a malignant pleasure in your heart, but it cannot be quenched. When the slanderer perceives you to be slandering him, you sow his evil against you, and he will take revenge on you as soon as he has the opportunity.Don’t be tempted to imitate others.It is immoral to imitate others.You can’t imitate when you see others imitate others.As the old saying goes, be wary of ghosts when walking at night.Once the person you’re imitating knows you’re imitating him, it doesn’t go well.Smile is the best way to treat others.Give someone a smile and you will feel better. If not, they will give you a cold face.”The sky is dark, the road is slippery, the society is complicated”, in the long life, everything is equal, you respect others, they will respect you, and vice versa.Years quiet good, because someone for you to carry a load.If you remember the unspoken rule, when you carry a load for others, they will carry a load for you too.How do you think a teacher should get along with others?Comments are welcome.