Seemingly simple but complex air switch failure, you old electricians have seen a few?

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Distribution will next through a few classic cases, teach you how to solve the common air switch problems.1 case replay: Mr. Wang home often used high-power appliances bath tyrant, water heater, induction cooker, washing machine, lampblack machine, but the air switch in the home frequent trip, in view of this kind of situation, Mr. Wang should choose how much air open?The analysis of the case shows that:The air switch in Mr. Wang’s home trips frequently at night and during holidays. In view of this situation, 4 square copper conductor can be selected when the power line is large enough. The leakage switch can be selected for 30A (refer to the maximum current of water heater for details).Leakage switch automatic trip too many times (more than 10 times a month) must be replaced with a larger leakage switch, and leakage switch used for more than 5 years must be replaced even if it works normally.2 case replay: the air switch in the home used to jump once in a while when the load was large, but recently it always tripped at about 6:30 at night, and the electricity load is not large.What causes this?Case Study This situation is most likely due to undervoltage protection.The new air switch generally has four kinds of automatic protection: 1 overload protection 2 circuit short circuit protection 3 leakage protection 4 under-voltage protection at six o ‘clock is the peak of electricity consumption, the voltage of the old house is lower than normal value is particularly prominent, air open under-voltage protection.3 case replay: air switch on and off a few minutes trip (grounding protection below the meter), what is the reason?Case Analysis The wiring hole above the leakage protector, there is a line column, not inserted in the hole.Just next to the patch close to the thread column, so the screw on the firm is still poor contact, as long as there is a high power electrical work, will trip!So in the light of similar circumstances, can follow the following steps: first check the open above the line, see the line column are in the card!Secondly, the size of the current is calculated to determine whether the selection of air switch is improper.If the above reasons are ruled out, you can ask a professional to check the line!General family entry line is 4mm2, the selection of air switch should not be too small.The wire diameter from the main switch to the air conditioning socket is too thin, and the load of air conditioning is too large, which will also cause tripping.Air switch aging, will also cause tripping.If it still trips, you need a professional electrician to check the line.4 Case replay: The factory air switch works normally during the day, but the total air switch trips frequently every morning, and it will trip again within 1 or 2 hours after being pushed up. How to solve this problem?PS: In addition, normal electricity consumption is large during the day, and only 1.5 air conditioners and small refrigerators work at night.Case studies can solve this problem by elimination.First of all, there are several reasons for air switch trip: 1. Overload 2. Electric appliances or lines with leakage 3.The air opening mechanism is damaged.This is caused by overhigh input voltage.Second, if it is an air switch, the line is overloaded. If it is a leakage switch, the line has leakage. Third, you check whether the line connector or wiring end is loose, and strengthen it as soon as possible.Leakage protector trip and air switch trip nature is not the same, you should make this clear first!Like you said, the leakage protector tripped, but the load switch probably wouldn’t, unless someone stole your power.Focus on checking whether electrical lines or electrical equipment leakage.5 Case replay: Dormitory building total air switch 400A, divided into 7 100A air switch.Daytime electricity load is small, but the circuit breaker of 400A trips frequently, but the circuit breaker of 100A does not trip.What’s the reason?The case analysis may have the following reasons: 1. The air switch itself is defective (the probability is very small) 2.The three phases are unbalanced, and the load is concentrated in one phase (the probability is very small). 3. The 400A circuit breaker provides leakage protection, and the leakage current of the line exceeds the protection value.4. Some people in the dormitory use electrical appliances with poor quality or plug row 5. The switch connection is loose, and the temperature at the joint is too high 6 Case review: When Joe moved to a new house, the original circuit was not moved, but only the electrical appliances were changed.Always tripping. What’s the reason?Case analysis can be replaced with a new circuit breaker, or the line contact is poor.7 Case replay: Why does the air switch trip frequently and still do so after replacement?Case analysis should first exclude the problem of air switch, now the household air switch is generally selected 36A.Preliminary estimate is power line aging problem.First connect the air switch to the incoming line, load line is not connected, close.If it trips, it is an open fault.If the air switch is not adjusted, then connect the load line (unplug all sockets first).Then turn on the lights to see if the switch works.If you do not jump, then one by one to try the socket, if there is trip, check the corresponding line of the socket.In addition to calculate the total power of electrical appliances in the home is how much, and then divided by 220, according to the actual current to choose the size of the air switch.PS: You need to pay attention to the door line, if the air switch selected more than 20A, line diameter to maintain more than 4 flat.