“Reciting” homesickness in the Flavor of the New Year

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Photo: Zhang Lixin’s heart is quiet, counting the time pane, not careful to niang wrinkles also count in a lot of, this moment just know niang really old……This is the child’s heart filled with that distant at this time is closer and closer to us heart knot…Memories have no this “distant”, because at that time also really do not understand what is “distant”?Now I really understand, understand the mother of sorrow…In fact, we are unfilial, niang cold in the distant horizon.Looking back at the memory of niang verdant…And when we look at her face, we all choke up…Finally, the only thing left to us may be a few white hairs on her old man’s pillow, which may be far away…Far away…I happened to find in my hurry that I had run out of calendar books for a year.Recall the freshness of spring, the charm of summer, the truth of autumn and the silence of winter…In the heart of myriad feelings, also have mixed feelings…And the four seasons of reincarnation lovely, are finally written into a called “year” in the word, and the final explanation of the year is that thick “homesickness”, and homesickness is full of niang busy back and children disappoint wrinkles.The original flavor of homesickness is more niang taste…Li Chuanfeng: born in Laiwu, Jinan, Shandong province, pen name, Mozhifeng, Wenshuike, net name, lonely Shazhou Leng.A “admire ancient poetry respect words mu lu” silly.Admiration of Li Qingzhao red lotus fragrance residual sigh and graceful and chilly word wind…Looking up at Su Dongpo’s open-minded and unrestrained and heroic style…Enjoy li Taibai’s uninhibited and romantic poetry…Deep sigh lu Fang Weng does not forget the sad state of mind and sad melancholy melancholy beautiful love…: Sucking a wang spring, into the poem, to cool the world;Pick a wisp of fragrance, write into the poem, let the world fragrance……Peach demon: because I like peach blossoms, I named it “Peach demon” by quoting the poem “Peach Blossoms burn their flowers”.The Peach fairy was born in changchun, the spring city of northeast China with distinct seasons. She graduated from the Broadcasting and performance department of art College. She likes to write ancient poems and published them on various websites and newspapers.Zhang Lixin, host of “Peng Yun Night Listening” : Photography is more like a kind of faith for me. Whenever I raise the camera, my world is all concentrated in the viewfinder!Photography is the real image of the moment, the charm of photography lies in its reality, photography is not with the eyes to observe, but with the heart to feel.I’ve learnt photography began in August 2018, successively learned “huawei mobile phone photography specially trained camp system course”, “mobile phone still life food photography”, the whole series of huawei mobile phone photography practice class, “painting photography”, “macro photography”, in November 2020 the outbreak of this special period and I talk to on the safety wheatgrass senior still life photographer learned “still life photography”,I also learned later retouching classes and so on.This year, I won the title of “Visual China Contract Photographer”, and won the “Excellent Award” and “Excellent Photographer” in the “2020 Annual Excellent Photographer Selection” activity.In the fourth MPC mobile phone Photography contest, 3 works were selected.The most important tool for mobile phone photography is an individual. No matter what kind of tool you have in your hand, you should train your own shooting ability.Life all the way, step by step scenery, a journey of feeling.1. The platform collects original and first new works for a long time: poetry, prose, essays, miniature novels, recitation, singing and dancing, and photography works.Please attach your personal photo (1-2 pieces) and brief introduction (120 words or less) to your submission.Works will be distributed to multiple platforms for free.4. The platform recruits readers and photographers for a long time, and holds recitations and photography works exchange meetings regularly.Contact wechat