On the opening of Yantai city “Port city place code” notice

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In October 2021, Yantai Development Zone independently developed and launched the “Yida Health Bao” wechat mini program, which played an important role in the information registration, travel report and track tracking of people coming and returning to the zone, providing strong intelligent support for efficient and accurate epidemic prevention and control work and protecting people’s life, health and safety.Recently, after a study decision, starting from 8 o ‘clock on April 1, the city unified use of “port city location code”.”Hong Kong City Venue Code” is the further promotion of “Yida Health Bao” in the whole city. Scanning “Yida Health Bao” will automatically switch to the interface of “Hong Kong City Venue Code”. After the first registration, citizens can enter public places and take public transport by scanning the code and showing the result.1. Application places of “Port City Venue Code” (1) Hotels, apartments, restaurants and other service places;(2) shopping malls (stores), banks, human resources and labor recruitment, securities trading and other business places, agricultural products (wholesale) and other trading markets;(3) All kinds of hospitals, clinics and pharmacies;(4) Offices and first-line window service places of organs and public institutions at all levels;(5) Beauty, hairdressing and bathing places;(6) Rental (online booking) cars, buses, large (medium) passenger vehicles and other public transport vehicles;(7) Postal agencies and express delivery (agency) points;(8) All kinds of offline education and training institutions, “small dining table” and other hosting institutions;(9) KTV, theaters, Internet cafes, escape rooms, mahjong chess and card hall, teahouse and other indoor entertainment and leisure places;(10) Automobile maintenance and sales shops, refueling (gas) stations, charging (changing) stations and all kinds of transportation stations, high-speed service areas, logistics parks, etc.(11) Gyms, natatorium, sports venues, parks, scenic spots, exhibition halls and other public places;(12) Public toilets and washrooms;(13) Other places where it is necessary to know the visiting situation of personnel.(1) Citizens search the mini program “Port City Venue Code” through wechat, click to enter the mini program and register with their real names.If you log in for the first time, you need to register again.(2) The site manager shall truthfully fill in the site information in the mini-program, apply for the “Port City Site code”, and post it at the obvious place at the entrance of the site.The original “Yeda Health Bao” two-dimensional code can continue to use.(3) After arriving at the venue, citizens can open the function of “Scan” on wechat and scan the “Port City Venue code”. Only when the result is normal, can they enter the venue.(4) In order to facilitate the travel of minors, the elderly, the visually and hearing-impaired persons and other groups, family members or colleagues can handle the registration on behalf of them or make paper registration.Please take the initiative to apply for and post the “Port City location code” in a conspicuous place in accordance with the regulations.Citizens are requested to abide by the epidemic prevention and control regulations, scan codes and register when entering public places, and cooperate with the prevention and control measures such as wearing masks, checking codes and measuring temperatures, and one-meter noodles, so that everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control and jointly maintain a healthy environment.The competent departments of various industries will organize special personnel to carry out supervision and inspection, and seriously investigate the responsibilities of the operators and responsible persons of the relevant venues in accordance with the law and regulations.Yantai development zone committee as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and the economic operation work leading group office (headquarters) on April 1, 2022 “harbour city site code” WeChat small program instructions according to the yantai development zone committee as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and the economic operation work leading group (headquarters), “harbour city site code” WeChat small program running,All public places can register to generate their own qr code, all access to public places need to scan code registration.The general public and those who have come to and returned to the district are invited to actively cooperate and take the initiative to scan codes for registration to help the epidemic prevention and control work.1. Wechat search small program “Port City Venue Code”.2. Enter the mini program, click Please Log in, and select allow to obtain the mobile phone number.3. User registration.Fill in your personal information, select “I have read and agree to the User Service Agreement and Privacy Policy” and click “Login” to complete the registration.1. When the registered user arrives at a certain place, he/she can use the function of “Personal Visit Code Scanning registration” in the mini program of “Port City Venue Code” or “Wechat Scan” to scan the venue code for registration (unregistered users can also scan the venue code for registration).2. After the code scan is successful, the Registration succeeded message is displayed.Users can also click “Shandong Electronic Health Code” to check their personal health code and “State Council Travel Card” to check their personal itinerary.3. When registering on behalf of the peer, click “Peer Registration” and select “Add Peer Information” to add information. After completing the registration, click “One-click Code Scanning registration” to scan the location code and quickly complete the code scanning registration.1. Click “Apply for Venue Code”, fill in the information and click “Submit”.2. After the application is successful, the QR code of the exclusive site can be generated. Click “Print site code”, long press the screen and click “Save to mobile phone”, download and print the qr code and post it at the entrance of the site, and visitors can scan the qr code to register.