“May 9” cold upgrade, frequent rain and snow wet cold will continue until the Spring Festival

2022-06-11 0 By

Changsha Evening News palm Changsha On January 26 (all media reporter Zhang Yangzi) today officially into the “five nine”, as the cold air eastward and southward and warm air cross, snow will be further eastward, southward expansion, the central meteorological Station has issued a blizzard blue warning this morning.The rain and snow will last for a long time, and the precipitation phase is complex. Hunan and other places will experience rain, rain to snow, snow and other weather.During the Spring Festival travel rush, the public is reminded to pay attention to the weather forecast and early warning information before going out, do a good job in keeping warm, and pay attention to the road condition information in advance when driving.The closer the Spring Festival is, the snow is coming.The provincial meteorological observatory expects that there will be two stages of low temperature rain, snow and freezing processes in Hunan in the coming week. Affected by rain, snow and cold air, the temperature in Hunan will remain low, with a small temperature difference between day and night, and a damp and cold feeling throughout the whole day.Specifically, during the day from 26th to 27th, light to moderate rain will prevail in the province, with sleet or snow in northwest Hunan.From the night of 27th to the day of 29th, there was a freezing weather process of low temperature rain and snow in hunan province. There was freezing rain in some areas of western hunan and northern Hunan, and there was snowstorm to big snowstorm in central Hunan and north Hunan during the day of 28th to the day of 29th.From the evening of 29th to 30th, the weather in the province from north to south briefly turned better, mostly cloudy weather, 30th in central Hunan and north, 31st in eastern Hunan morning fog;Starting from the 31st, the province will usher in a new round of strong low temperature rain, snow and freezing process, including the 1st in the west of Hunan, The north of Hunan have snowstorm to big snowstorm.The chilly “fifty-nine” arrival.According to the forecast of the municipal meteorological Observatory, due to the influence of rain and snow weather and cold air, it is expected that the rainy weather will still remain in the next week, which is significantly lower than the same period of the year. The minimum temperature will drop to -2℃, which will remain rainy from today to 27th.From 28th to 29th, the cold will be upgraded, and there will be a low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, so we should pay attention to prevent the adverse impact of road ice.Daytime precipitation was intermittent from 30th to 31st;From the evening of 31st to February 2nd, there was another round of rain and snow weather process.The meteorological department reminded that after this round of rain and snow process, during the Spring Festival, Hunan will also have low temperature rain and snow weather process, remind the public to pay close attention to the weather forecast, warning information.Near the Spring Festival, the continuous low temperature rain and snow weather is unfavorable to traffic travel;Temperatures in southern China are expected to turn from high to low in early and mid-January, and outdoor health prevention and nucleic acid testing personnel should take warm measures.