Her mother-in-law said, “You have only one daughter, so give the house you bought us to live in to your nephew

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When He Jun took Liu Fei home for the first time, his mother was full of disgust, but also deliberately said with the voice she could hear: looking for such a short man, is want to destroy the genes of the family?When he left, his mother warned him that if he had to marry such a short girl, he would not expect any money from the family when they got married.At that time, Liu Fei wanted to break up, but He Jun did not agree, and said he could decide his marriage.Fortunately, both of them had good jobs and had saved a little money over the years. They planned to buy a small house as a new house first.After paying the deposit, a down payment, still tens of thousands of pieces, He Jun called his mother, hope the home can support, after all, his home conditions are still good, take out tens of thousands of pieces is not a problem.But it’s still the same thing, you marry that little man, and I won’t pay a cent.When Liu fei’s parents knew they needed money to buy a house, they immediately gave her a bank card, saying it was the dowry they had prepared for her.He Jun took the bank card, red eyes, said that later will give Liu Fei’s parents endowment.The two married and paid off the mortgage the following year.At this time, the mother-in-law still looked down on Liu Fei, that is Liu Fei’s parents support them to buy a house, also said, that is what they should do, who called them to give birth to a daughter to destroy my he family gene.After paying off the mortgage, Liu Fei gave birth to a daughter. Her mother-in-law did not want to take care of Yue Zi and did not allow Liu Fei’s mother to come over because she did not want to bear the blame for not serving Yue Zi.In order not to let her parents worry, Liu fei had to put up with it.After giving birth, Liu was a little short of breast milk, so the doctor suggested that she drink a little chicken stew to increase her milk.The mother-in-law jumped up: she has no life to drink chicken soup?It won’t grow, nor will it give birth to a son to carry on the family name.Postpartum discomfort, let Liu Fei heart long suppressed a breath of gas, a listen to this finally broke out: have the skill let your son divorce with me!If you can’t, don’t be here.When her mother-in-law saw that Liu fei dared to contradict her, she immediately sat on the ground, crying and robbing the ground, and scolded He Jun for marrying his wife and forgetting his mother.Finally, the doctors and nurses could not bear to see her, so they kicked her out of the room.With her mother-in-law gone, liu fei simply went back to her hometown. She had no choice but to ask her parents for help.With the help of her parents, Liu devoted herself to her work as soon as she returned from maternity leave.In her spare time, Liu learned various skills and started many side businesses, sometimes sleeping only three or four hours a day.In recent years, Liu fei and He Jun have bought two more houses and two cars.The mother-in-law ignored them all the time, even to the granddaughter did not ask a word.Now that her daughter is about to enter primary school, Liu wants to assign her an apartment, but they are still living in the two-bedroom apartment they originally bought.First, the mortgage has been paid off, and second, the primary and secondary schools near the house are good.As a result, it was no longer convenient for Liu fei’s parents to live together, so she discussed with He Jun that they should move to a new house.Anyway, that house is downstairs, and it was transferred at a low price because the neighbor was in urgent need of money.Who knows, the news somehow spread to her mother-in-law’s ears, she immediately killed liu Fei, pointed at her nose and shouted: “How dare you take my son’s money to support your family, you shameless little man.Seeing her mother-in-law’s harsh words, Liu Fei became angry and said that it was my parents who had helped us to buy a house in recent years because we were short of money.You because of disliking me short, even own close granddaughter also does not like, more did not give us out a cent, have what qualification to accuse me again.He Jun also said to his mother: You have been looking down on Liu Fei all these years because she is short, but most of our money is earned by her.Besides, you’re the one who ignored us all these years, not the one who didn’t want you here.Her mother-in-law was silent for a while and said that in this case, she and her father-in-law would also move in.A few days later, her parents-in-law arrived with the 3-year-old son of His younger brother. Liu fei was very unhappy about this, but she put up with it for he Jun’s sake.Liu Fei paid the tenant liquidated damages and sent the tenant away in advance, letting her in-laws live in another house with her nephew.Two days later, her mother-in-law came with her nephew and said to Liu Fei and He Jun, “You have only one daughter. Let’s transfer the house we live in to your nephew. After all, he is the one who inherits our family name.”Liu Fei was trembling with anger. Why should she give the house she had worked so hard to buy to her nephew?Because he can carry on the family name?The Old Ho family has no throne to inherit.The next day, Liu fei enlisted the help of her classmates who work in the court to get several copies of the auction notice from the court and put them on the door of the house where her in-laws live.When my mother-in-law called in a panic, she told her that due to the economic downturn, they had not been able to pay the mortgage, and the house was about to be transferred to my nephew, so my mother-in-law would help pay the mortgage.My mother-in-law immediately said, We just want the house, but we can’t pay the mortgage.You’re not gonna make me pay a penny!Then he hung up the phone.The next day, the in-laws took the little nephew back home, afraid that late will be chased by the court to return the loan.From then on, Liu fei never went back to her husband’s house alone, except that she would go home to buy some things with He Jun during Spring Festival and make a ceremonial appearance.Honey, do you think Liu Fei did the right thing?Welcome to pay attention to @wind nest  together to discuss it!