Warm Vancouver

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On a sunny afternoon, a group of cute ducklings were led by their mother as they strolled through the streets of Vancouver.The ducklings had never seen anything so prosperous.The stream of cars sped by;An endless stream of people passed quickly;A variety of goods were piled up on the glass.The ducklings stopped and looked.Suddenly, there was an echo.Mother duck looked back, ah!My babies are missing.Mother duck worried, cried: “baby, where are you……””Mom, mom, I’m here.When mother Duck looked, the ducklings fell into a well and were about to be carried away by the current.”Stay where you are, children,” said the mother duck. “Do not move. I will go for help.”Then the mother duck ran quickly to a policeman and took the corner of the policeman’s trousers in her beak and pulled it down to the well, quacking.The patrolman was puzzled, but still followed the past, to the well, the patrolman suddenly realized.
At this time, everyone to help.The driver in front of the car lit up the red light, the old woman to buy vegetables contributed to the frame, the fisherman to sell fish took out the fishing net, the police also took off the belt, the steel mill to buy steel also took out the steel bar.The patrol made two plans.The first plan: make a sling out of a belt and basket and gradually sink into the water to rescue the ducklings.If not, the implementation of the second plan: put the steel bar into the water, patrol officers with fishing nets, grasping the steel bar to climb down to rescue the ducklings.In this way, we gathered the love of the two sets of rescue tools done, the rescue also began.The patrolman is afraid of duckling not into the basket;He put the mother duck in the basket and sank the basket into the water.The mother duck called, “Children, mother is coming to save you. Come here quickly.”The duckling swam over immediately, and so the rescue was successful.The patrolman gave the ducklings a bath, and the ducklings quacked as if to thank the patrolman.So the ducks went on their way again.Cars gave way to the ducks.A cold wind blew, but we did not feel cold, vancouver that day, full of warmth!# Primary school students composition #