Bonhams moved 13 middle managers

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On January 20th, China Resources Vientiane Life pulled the trigger again and acquired a consumer goods company, becoming a big gourd in the circle.However, after eating melon, I noticed that on the same day, the business management field Of Baolong business quietly Mimi a round of personnel adjustment.According to the internal document of Baolong Business, baolong business reshuffle 13 middle-level cadres in one go, involving headquarters, management center, research and development center, regional business division and other departments, all of which are “general” level.Mr. Wei Biao, assistant president of commercial Group, concurrently serves as general manager of Zhejiang Business Division;Ms. Pang Hua, assistant president of the business Group, concurrently serves as general manager of Jiangsu and Anhui Business Division;Mr. Zhu Cangqing, assistant president of commercial Group, concurrently serves as general manager of property Management Center;Mr. Jin Huawei is the general manager of Investment Management Center.Mr. Zuo Tao is the general manager of the RESEARCH and Development Center.Ms. Wu Qinnan is the General manager of hr Administration Center….I understand that such a large-scale personnel adjustment is unique in the property management circle.In addition to blu-ray Garbo service being acquired by Country Garden Service, only Huafa Property management last year’s nine executive changes can be compared with one of them.It is said that the troops and horses have not moved, and the grain and grass go first. This operation of Baolong Business is a little unusual, what is the solution?In the view of Ye ye, the competition of the property tube circle is a competition of scale, but also a competition of the race track, Baolong commercial this move may be related to the race track.Property management industry, in addition to the traditional residential business, urban services, business management and other tracks have become a competitive field for property enterprises.In the first two years, in terms of city services, only country Garden, Evercreation Cloud, Poly Property and other big names have established a presence, with the largest market share.However, with the entry of many real estate companies, the track has been crowded with players. The real estate companies can join the game by acquiring several sanitation companies and cooperating with several streets, using the connections of related parties and government relations.In my opinion, for small and medium-sized enterprises, it is not important to win or lose when they enter the urban service track. It is good to expand the portfolio of property management and take a share of the pie.And business management track, in the first two years listed property enterprises only Baolong commercial, China Resources Vientiane life, Star Sheng commercial and Jun business management four property enterprises.However, with wanda commercial management and Longfor Smart life delivery table, as well as on the road of all things Cloud, the lineup will be expanded to 7, commercial management track who is the boss is a bit confusing.As you know, On December 30, 2019, Baolong Commercial was the first commercial management enterprise to be listed, which was no problem. However, after the listing of China Resources Vientiane Life in the following year, the situation became a two-strong competition.Followed by Star Sheng commercial and Jun business management also on the business management arena, but these two enterprises from the scale is not enough to form a threat to Baolong business.At present, Baolong commercial can still be in the leading position, but with wanda Business Management, Longfor Smart Life and the listing of all Things Cloud, the leading position is a little endangered.According to statistics, Longhu Zhichuang Life, China Resources Vientiane Life, Baolong Commercial, Xingsheng Business management, Zhongjun business management, Wanda business management in the area of management are: 21 million square meters, 14 million square meters, 0.09 million square meters, 0.02 million square meters, 0.01 million square meters, 54 million square meters.It is obvious that Baolong commercial advantage in scale is not obvious, and with the track of China Resources Vientiane life has begun to have action.January 6, the current business management one elder brother China Resources Vientiane life, in order to deal with Wanda business management and other big names listed, has started the merger mode, will be 10.6 small target acquisition Yuzhou property, to consolidate the foundation to expand the scale.However, this transaction according to the current information, only ready to buy residential plate, did not involve business management.Then on January 20, China Resources Vientiane won the service in South Central which has passed the meeting…All signs indicate that the shangguan track already has the flavor of Huashan Sword, and two more may be added to the five.So, don’t ye guess, Baolong commercial offering a personnel adjustment big recruit, is to take the embodiment of elite line.Because, treasure dragon commerce is more restrained in merger and acquisition end, and did not do a great deal of operation, but in the management end.Before the big man came on stage, whether China Resources Vientiane life or Baolong business are preparing for a rainy day.At last year’s interim results meeting, Baolong commercial management said that the new business model in the next three to five years is to strengthen the Yangtze River Delta management, further optimize and resource allocation, rely on the “button plan”, improve the occupancy rate, gross profit margin and other performance levels.Among the 13 general managers, 3 are in charge of business division and 4 are in charge of investment promotion. Xu huafang’s intention is self-evident.Conclusion: in 2021, property enterprises are dragged down by housing enterprises, a little resistance is business management property enterprises.The commercial management track is not only the reliance of Baolong, but also the hope of the property management circle.I just don’t know who is in the middle when Wanda Business Management, All things Cloud and Longhu Smart Life are listed.More original content please pay attention to :(property explosion wuyedabaozha)