Afternoon cultural square market, the origin of Chinese market, children’s paradise, Shandong Tengzhou Longquan Square

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After lunch, walk out of the house, the goal is longquan cultural square, a hundred steps after dinner, and then go to see the millennium pagoda.The sky was blue, the sun was shining, the temperature was just right, the weather was perfect.It seems that the forecast of severe pollution in the morning was wrong. The air quality is excellent, which would have been unimaginable in previous years when firecrackers were flying.Unexpectedly, in the middle of longquan cultural Square, unexpectedly emerged a big, lively market.Looking down from the top, there are many stalls with people coming and going.A little game that sells balloons. Bumper cars, little trains. This car has an awning, a fancy trampoline.I think I was 40 when I played trampoline, and now my children are very happy, in the good times when things were plentiful and life was easy.The traditional ring game.Players just throw it away for fun and don’t care if they get anything.Stall owner is smiling, today’s harvest is really good.Blowing sugar man in front of the car, also crowded.It’s really a craft. I hope it can be passed on.Blowing bubbles is also a favorite game.Adults watch the fun, children enjoy it, which is also a normal situation in the market and supermarket.So how did the Chinese market come about?In The Yin and Zhou dynasties, there were bazaars.”Yi • Xi Ci” said: “The middle of the day is the market, to the people of the world, gather the goods of the world, trade and return, each in his proper place.Since the Tang Dynasty, city officials were set up to standardize the management of the market.Now the traditional sense of the market, basically online.