Why is it that girls always feel like they’re in a race against time to get married and have kids?

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Because what happens to women’s bodies really doesn’t happen.Both the quantity and quality of a woman’s eggs decline with age.The age of 35 marks the point at which egg quality declines sharply, and the difference becomes even more pronounced after 40.And it all comes down to age.Egg quality will determine the probability of producing normal chromosomes, normal eggs, and normal embryos.If the egg is abnormal, it may lead to pregnancy, pregnancy but miscarriage, fetal genetic diseases and so on….On average, women younger than 30 produce normal egg quality about 70-80% of the time.For women aged 38 to 40, the rate drops to 40 percent;That drops to 10-20% for women over 40.But the quality of an egg cannot be confirmed until it has been fertilized with sperm, and neither blood tests nor ultrasound tests can tell whether the egg has normal chromosomes.While all of this is a rule of thumb and may not apply to everyone, it’s a fact of life that eggs shrink and deteriorate over time.How to check ovarian reserve function?The easiest way to find out how many eggs are in your ovaries is to take a blood test for AMH (also known as anti-Mullerian hormone), which shows how many eggs are currently stored in your ovaries.This number also declines each year until it reaches zero, the point at which ovarian failure and menopause are officially declared.Because each woman’s ovarian bank status is different, doctors will take different strategies to help pregnancy according to the condition of the ovary, from regular catch ovulation sex to ivf may be possible.Because young, good-quality eggs are so valuable, many doctors also recommend straight ivf to improve the chances of a successful pregnancy.Finally, a word of caution: age is a very important factor when it comes to getting pregnant and having children.Especially if you find that ovarian function has declined, it can not be dragged.I hope you female friends, must have this awareness, and do a good plan, must not waste time.Disclaimer: The above content is original by “Good pregnancy good health”, unauthorized prohibit to reprint, related infertility, test-tube baby views only for health reference, about the actual situation of the disease, face-to-face discussion with the doctor shall prevail, can not replace the doctor’s face-to-face diagnosis, please note!