The tables have suddenly turned!Biden’s words shocked the American media, Harris was happy from ear to ear

2022-06-09 0 By

According to, US President Joe Biden and Vice President Harry Harris have been quarreling over each other on social media. Despite the White House’s repeated explanations, many American netizens are convinced.Biden recently told Harris, “I love you,” in an attempt to break the impression of a rift with the vice president.Many American netizens said that it was too fake!At a front-line event at the Democratic National Committee, Biden reportedly said, “Hey!Harris, you’ve been the best partner I could ever imagine, you’ve always been there for me at work, you’ve been incredible, I love you!”To Biden’s unstinting admiration, Harris responded with a broad smile: “Yes!”The Democratic Party later posted the video on social media with the caption “What a great group!”In the video, Biden and Harris appeared very “loving,” but American media and Internet users were not impressed.The US media pointed out sharply that Biden’s performance was too enthusiastic.Harris has been criticized for his poor performance, and his approval rating is at a new low, according to the latest US public opinion poll.American netizens also said, “Biden’s performance is so fake!”In fact, it’s not just Harris whose approval rating has fallen to a new low since Biden took office. Biden’s approval rating has dropped from 62% to 33%.And most Americans are “disappointed” with the Biden administration.According to a recent article in Time magazine, there is a strong sense that Joe Biden has “lost his way” since taking office.The Biden administration, which has vowed to return America to normal, looks inadequate.Under the impact of the epidemic, the US economy did not recover quickly, but also appeared a series of problems such as inflation, border chaos and violent crime.Americans see “one disappointment after another.”In addition, the article noted that Biden’s first act as president was to assemble an experienced team to vaccinate Americans in just a few months.But after the emergence of the omicron mutant strain, the global outbreak of a multinational emergency.Faced with such a special situation, other countries quickly took epidemic prevention measures and effectively controlled the spread of the epidemic.In contrast, the United States, not only did not take effective measures, but also will “relax” on the virus, prompting the EPIDEMIC in the United States out of control.The American public’s distrust of the U.S. government has increased.