Profit in 3 months!What is the secret of the owner of three Tuhu Workshops in a row?

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“October 15, 2019, is definitely a good day!”Li Bin, 39 years old, born in Datong, Shanxi, stepped into the auto repair industry at the age of 17 or 18. He has experienced numerous important days, but this day — the opening day of Tihu Car factory Store Datong Friendship Street store, he is proud of it.This is the first shop that Li Bin joined In Tuhu car maintenance. At that time, the scene of car owners queuing up to repair their cars, Li Bin still vividly remembers.The shop, praised by local car owners, turned a profit three months after opening.At present, Li bin has opened three stores in Datong.In the future, he hopes the business will continue to expand.In 2000, 17-year-old Li Bin was in his prime. In his father’s eyes, if you want to learn a skill, you can only escape from three things: cooking, auto repair and hairdressing.”In those days, parents thought that was the only way to learn a skill.”Li says his life began to change after his parents sent him to a private auto repair shop. “I had to live by my own means.”Five years later, he joined a local 4S shop as a mechanic group leader. “I was assigned to take two mechanics with me.”Because of his excellent professional skills, Li was soon promoted to be an engine expert and chassis maintenance expert of the brand. “Every year, I go out to participate in the national training, and come back to train the auto repairmen in the shop.”Twelve and a half years, at the end of 2017, he contracted an auto repair shop, ready to do their own.Although at this time Li Bin in datong auto repair circle has a small reputation, loyal customers are also many, but their own business, only their own most worry about.”Business is bad how to do, find their own way!”Li bin said that at the end of this year, he began to cooperate with Tuhu car maintenance, first as an installation shop, “a moonlight installation fee, Tuhu gave me 6,000 to 7,000 yuan, but also brought customers!”Business benefits flow, Li Bin felt that with Tuhu car cooperation, business can live.Later, he opened a certification shop, until that datong to prepare shop, he made a decision: join.The location of Li’s first store, on Youyi Street, not far from the city center, was chosen by tuhu’s investment team.”It wasn’t an auto repair shop before, but after we opened (the workshop), many car owners came here.”Li bin said, from the preparation to the opening of the shop, Tihu car raising process is very strict, professional, only in the site selection, professional guidance and analysis of the investment team played a very important role.In addition, I have cooperated with Tuhu car installation shop and certification shop before, and I am familiar with local customer habits. This site seems to be a unique way, but in fact, it is considerate. On the first day of opening, customers will queue up for a long time.”Car owners from around 10 to 15 kilometers have come, many old customers are looking forward to a factory shop, after all, the brand reputation is their recognition.”Li bin said that after joining Tihu car, he felt the brand’s impact on customers more effectively.The first store opened in October, and the “Double 11” and “Double 12” were successively ushered in, while the promotion and reputation accumulation of the brand in the early stage, there was an obvious outbreak at this time.Store orders are hot, often busy at night until 12 o ‘clock to complete the day’s orders.”Brand influence is great, but stores must do a good job of service, word-of-mouth effect can snowball.”During that time, Li often heard from his peers, friends and even neighbors in the community how well his business was doing. In just three months, the store turned a profit.Strict standardization process, let customers feel the temperature of auto repair industry, Said Li Bin, as a post-market struggle for more than 20 years of “old auto repair”, after joining Tihu car, he witnessed the industry standardization here again and again progress.Pre-inspection of vehicles entering the store, quality inspection after service and other processes, as well as checking tire pattern and chassis conditions for customers during maintenance. “These standards of Tuhu exceed those of some 4S stores.”He believes that Tuhu car can retain customers in its stores, in addition to product price transparency, online and offline prices, business process standardization is a great advantage.From in-store communication, electronic quotation to professional construction, customers can feel that auto repair can be standardized.Li Bin once asked some old customers, why are willing to choose the factory shop, they said is to feel professional, “you can ask the technician at any time, and the product variety, after-sales protection.”Li bin said: “The support of the whole industrial chain is the advantage of Tuhu car, in the eyes of customers, the power of the brand is far more than ordinary single shop.”As a veteran auto repairman, Li said the industry is very valuable. The country advocates training blue-collar talents, and society needs professional talents.”Tuhu car maintenance provides auto repairmen with technology, management space for growth, and wages, which are all higher than their counterparts in the local area.My partners and I have allocated shares to the first batch of employees.I hope we can make money together and the auto repair industry will get better and better.”