Loudi Unicom communications guarantee “not closed”

2022-06-09 0 By

(Spring Festival against snow and ice, loudi unicom communication support “not close”) (against snow and ice during the Spring Festival, loudi unicom communication support “not close”) loudi news network news (reporter He Rong) the Spring Festival is the day of gathering, but loudi unicom monitoring room early in the morning, all technical personnel to job site, start the intense work.Recently, Loudi ushered in a new round of rain, snow and freezing weather, xinhua and Lianyuan suffered heavy snowfall, resulting in power outage of communication base stations in many places.Monitoring the machine room, some are nervous statistics and failure notification, some are precise command and dispatch emergency work.Front-line maintenance personnel step on snow and ice, carrying oil machine mountain power generation.It is this group of the most lovely Unicom people, “give up the small home for everyone”, gave up vacation and family reunion, only to fight against ice and snow to ensure the vast Unicom users communication network unimpeded.