Jiangsu together because of married male and female roommates caused by the absurd farce

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House is a place where a person can live at ease. People who work outside choose to rent a house is also to give themselves a comfortable and safe residence, so that they can have a place to enjoy life after work.But the right house is difficult to find, so when choosing to share with others, giving up some unimportant conditions has become something that some tenants have to face.In a shared house, however, everyone went about his own business without interfering with one another, but a conventional order was maintained.(name of privacy, the parties are not his real name, some pictures from the network, only cooperate with narrative) work in wuxi, jiangsu province women’s xiao Yang found a job as a heart, they want to find a suitable rental convenient living life, looking for a period of time, she settled on a place not far from company to rent a two rooms one hall,The price is not too expensive.The house is required to rent the whole, the whole rent down the house price is she alone can not afford, and the house can also live one person, so she hopes to find someone to help her share another rent, so that her economic pressure is much less.But after asking, she found out that all her colleagues had their own apartments and all her friends had asked around, but none of them wanted to change the rent for a short time, so she posted the post on the Internet.Soon after the post was published, many people came to her to ask for information about the house. After she said that she wanted to share the house with a girl, the number of eligible renters who could accept the rent decreased significantly. After a period of time, only one middle-aged man was left to share the house with her.Zhang, a middle-aged man, said he hoped to rent a room to live here because of his job transfer, and he would go to his home when he had a rest.And Xiao Yang see each other is also a look at the relatively cheap price of the rental to choose here, and she also want to find a roommate as soon as possible to bear the rent, he agreed to come down.Zhang mou is a married man, in an Internet enterprise to do the work of programmers, but also have their own house and family, but after the transfer of work place too far away from home, choice will choose to rent a house to live, convenient to their own commuting.After Zhang mou moved over, as he said, in the rest will go back, usually two people or each do each, there is little disturb between each other, but there are also help each other, such as cleaning in the weekdays, or Xiao Yang computer problems.Gradually, the relationship between the two of them became harmonious and established a relationship of trust.However, due to the limited conditions of sharing rooms, there is only one air conditioner in the living room. When it is needed in summer, the door needs to be opened so that cold air can be blown in.Zhang will return to his home on rest days, so on rest days, Xiao Yang will open his door to blow air conditioning.But on July 4, Zhang went drinking with several colleagues after work, while Yang, as usual, opened his door to blow the air conditioner and get ready to sleep.After drinking too much with his colleague, Zhang went back to the shared house for convenience instead of his own home. When he opened the door, he saw Yang asleep.After that, he broke into Xiao Yang’s room, fell on the body of Xiao Yang, frightened to wake up xiao Yang began to resist, but also shout loudly let the other side to leave their own, and these did not let the other side stop action, so Xiao Yang’s action is bigger, eventually will be drunk zhang mou to beat up.After waking up to see what he did, Zhang is very remorse, kept apologizing to the other side, but was almost violated by the other side of Xiao Yang did not choose to understand, but after the police, the matter to the police.When the police arrived, they took the two to the police station for investigation and questioning.According to Article 236 of the Criminal Law, whoever rapes a woman by violence, coercion or other means shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years.In this case, the Zhang mou after drunkness returns his share room again, take advantage of drunk to sleep in the Implementation of the Violation of Xiao Yang, in the process by the resistance of the other side.In the process of the behavior, Xiao Yang did not want to have a relationship with him, and was forced by the other side, in the behavior, Zhang was suspected of QJ crime.And in the process of the behavior, xiao Yang resistance zhang stopped his behavior after waking up, which according to the “Criminal Law” article 67, after the crime of automatic surrender, truthfully confessed their crimes constitute surrender plot.A discontinuant offender who has caused no harm shall be exempted from punishment;If damage is caused, a mitigated punishment shall be given.A criminal who surrenders himself may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment.Those who commit a relatively minor crime may be exempted from punishment.For the termination of a crime, it requires the suspect to stop violating the victim for his own subjective reasons in the process of the act.And after being taken away by the police, Zhang truthfully confessed his crimes, in terms of punishment will be lighter punishment or reduced punishment results.Zhang was in a state of drunkness after drinking with his colleagues, but this is not an excuse to violate others. He still has to bear the corresponding legal responsibility for his behavior after getting drunk.And Zhang in the behavior of the process of many times by Xiao Yang’s resistance, the damage to Xiao Yang has also happened, in any case need to face.Sharing a house is just a convenient choice to live in, and drinking is also a pastime zhang chooses after work.But did not control their own behavior, almost lead to irreparable mistakes, and this absurd farce ended in such a way, also terminated the relationship between the two people.Go out to work to make money, safety is the first priority, whether it is on the way to find a job or when looking for a place to live, the so-called “harm the heart can not have, prevent the heart can not be without.”, always keep a vigilant heart, so that they can feel at ease to experience and enjoy life when making money outside.