Warm heart!The old man went out to help the police find their family members

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Shanxi news network on February 15 (reporter Feng Gengshu) “police comrade, there is an old man here like lost, you see!”On the afternoon of February 13, taiyuan small shop police station received the public alarm, said the area of lijiazhuang village has an old man wandering for a long time, suspected lost.After hearing the news, the police on duty immediately rushed to the scene, saw an old man sitting on the edge of the flower bed, look very anxious.In order to dispel the concerns of the old man, the police squatted down and talked with the old man patiently.”Old man, the weather is too cold, go to the police station to drink a cup of hot tea, sit and wait, ok?”In the police repeatedly pacified, the old man finally agreed to go to the police station with the police waiting for his family.After preliminary communication, the police found that the old man was not a local person, had a strong accent, could not write, and could not provide his family members with accurate contact information, family members’ names or addresses and other effective information.With the old man’s consent, the auxiliary police carefully searched the old man’s clothes and finally found a message sewn on the left side of his jacket.According to the above telephone, the police got in touch with the old man’s family.Police help the old man to find the family that the old man was rescued by police news, the family was suddenly at ease, the original found that the old man disappeared, the family to inquire about, looking for failed, is very worried.In the face of the enthusiastic help of the auxiliary police, the old man’s family was moved to say: “The old man often loses memory, such a cold day, thanks to the rescue of the police, if you stay outside for a night, the consequences can not imagine, thank you very much!””When an elderly person goes missing, his or her family may be very worried. When we receive such help, we always put ourselves in their shoes and respond quickly to find their family members as soon as possible so that they can return home safely.People will feel more secure if we are active.”The elderly man was safely handed over to his family, police said.Police remind: in the cold winter, families with elderly people should strengthen their care and companionship, and try to avoid the elderly traveling alone;If the elderly go out alone, please place a card with family contact information on it, and equip it with communication equipment. Once lost, it is convenient for police or good samaritans to contact their family members.(Edited by: Hao Yahong, Wang Xiaoyan)