Really fierce person: the heart has static gas, work hard, life atmosphere

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Sometimes, the decision of a person’s life success or failure, not his knowledge, resources, but his psychological quality.People with good psychological quality can always survive in adverse situations.A man of poor mental quality will play badly, even with a good hand.The truly powerful people will not only polish their own strength, but also know how to temper their psychological quality.An old saying goes, “A restless mind accomplishes nothing.”Some people lose their bearings when they are in a hurry.In this state, they often make wrong judgments and, in the end, find it difficult to deal with problems properly.Really good people, even in an emergency, can be calm to face.It is because they face problems with a calm mind that they consider problems in a more comprehensive and profound way.In the end, they often come up with the best solution.”Every major event has static gas, do not believe this time without ancient sages.”Most of the time, the problems we face, seemingly intractable, are actually not difficult.What’s holding us back is our anxiety.This kind of anxiety makes it difficult for us to see the nature of the problem and find the key to solve it, so we “feel helpless” and feel powerless.As a matter of fact, as long as we can be calm and calm, the essence of the problem will naturally come out and the solution will be easy to figure out.This is an “impatient mindset” that limits our “wisdom.”Mencius said: “People have not also, and then can be promising.”To be a man, we must have our own principles and bottom line.If a person loses his principles and bottom line, how can he establish himself in this world?Principles and bottom lines seem to protect the interests of others, but actually they are protecting themselves.Mencius said, ‘Wealth and rank cannot be corrupted, poverty and baseness cannot be removed, and power and force cannot be subdue. This is a great man.’In the face of temptation, can always keep in mind the principle of the heart, resolutely refuse, is not also a “strong”?In the Eastern Han Dynasty, Yang Zhen passed by Changyi County. Wang Mi, the magistrate of Changyi County at that time, was promoted by Yang Zhen.At night, Wang Mi was carrying ten jin of gold and wanted to give it to Yang Zhen.Yang Chen said, “I know you, but you don’t know me. Why?”Wang Mi replied, “No one knows at night.”Yang Replied, “God knows, earth knows, you know, I know.How is it that nobody knows?”Wang Mi was ashamed to leave.In the face of temptation, willing to favor, carry the desire in the heart, is also a rare hard spirit.Mencius said, ‘My goodness sustains my noble spirit.’This noble spirit, supreme and just, with moral support, can be filled between heaven and earth.With this noble spirit, there is no fear.It is with this magnanimity, this supreme firmness, justice can be revealed, the weak can be protected.As the old saying goes, “The sea runs into all rivers and is tolerant.”A person, if the face of others’ inadvertent mistakes, always haggle over every ounce, never forget, so, it is difficult to get the support of the people.During the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC), Duke Mu of Qin lost his beloved steed, which was discovered by villagers at the foot of Qishan mountain and eaten by more than 300 people.When the officials decided to punish these people, The Duke of Qin said, “A superior man does not kill for beasts. I have heard that eating horsemeat without drinking alcohol will do harm to one’s health.”Therefore, The Duke of Qin not only pardoned the villagers, but also ordered wine to be given to them.One year later, the state of Qin engaged in a war with the state of Jin, qin was defeated, and duke Mu of Qin was besieged. At this critical moment, a group of more than 300 people suddenly appeared, fought to the death, unexpectedly changed the battlefield situation, finally defeated the state of Jin, and captured Duke Hui of Jin.Later it was discovered that these people were the villagers who had been pardoned for eating horsemeat.Great things, life must atmosphere.To tolerate the faults of others is not only to be kind to others, but also to be kind to yourself.Some people, always used to exclude people who are different from their own.Such an approach is bound to make enemies everywhere.The truly awesome person must be “generous and tolerant”, able to respect others for their differences.It is because of their atmosphere, so they can get people like and support.Life is long, the heart has static gas, things don’t panic;Work hard, stand firm;Life atmosphere, go far.I hope you and I can hold these three kinds of qi.With your mutual encouragement.