Indonesian President Joko Widodo inspects the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed rail project

2022-06-08 0 By

Jakarta, January 17 (By Zhang Jie) — Indonesian President Joko Widodo visited the no.2 tunnel construction site of the Jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway on January 17, local time, according to China Railway International Co., LTD.Luhute, Minister of Maritime Coordination of Indonesia, Budi, Minister of Transport, Ridwan Kamil, Governor of West Java Province, Didiek Hartantyo, chairman of Indonesian train company KAI, Chinese and Indonesian directors of China-Indonesia high-speed railway joint venture KCIC and site leaders of some Chinese and Indonesian participating enterprises were accompanied by the officials.At the construction site of tunnel 2 of jakarbandung High-speed Railway, KCIC Chairman Dwiyana briefed Joko on the overall construction of the project.After hearing the report, said a zonko, and high-speed rail construction overall progress smoothly, hope that the construction of the complex geological, epidemic and other difficulties, try to overcome together, make persistent efforts, high quality to promote, high-speed rail, in November this year to show during the G20 and high-speed rail construction achievements, Indonesia and China good cooperation between the two governments.At the site, Joko told the media that the whole project will be operational by June 2023, despite the current difficulties of tunnel 2, including complex geology.This is the second time president Joko has inspected the Jakarta-Bandung bullet train in his second term.The no. 2 tunnel inspected this time has a total length of 1052m. It is a single-hole double-track tunnel with a maximum buried depth of 53.6m. The geological conditions are very complicated, and it is one of the control projects of jakarta-Bandung high-speed railway.At present, the tunnel excavation 740.8m, the remaining 311.2m, a total of 70.4% completed.The Jakarta-Bandung high-speed Railway is a link between China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Indonesia’s Ocean Fulcrum Strategy. It is a landmark project of practical cooperation between China and Indonesia and also a national strategic project of Indonesia. It connects the capital Jakarta and the fourth largest city Bandung with a length of 142 kilometers and a maximum design speed of 350 kilometers.After the completion of the operation, the travel time between Jakarta and Bandung will be reduced from the current three hours to 40 minutes. This will greatly facilitate local people’s travel, greatly promote The economic and social development of Indonesia, and is of great significance to deepening economic and trade cooperation, people-to-people exchanges and belt and Road cooperation between China and Indonesia.At present, the completion of civil engineering works in the whole line accounts for 91.2% of the total civil construction, of which, roadbed excavation has been completed 97.8% and filling 85.2%.The substructure of the bridge project has been basically completed, 30 of the 38 continuous beams of the whole line have been closed, 10 of the 13 tunnels have been connected, and the stations, stations, track-laying, and four-power engineering behind the station are advancing steadily.