If you want to take your parents on a road trip during the Spring Festival, a Wei brand MACchiato DHT-PHEV will help you out

2022-06-08 0 By

Seeing the Spring Festival is about to arrive immediately, the word of legal holiday plus annual leave can put on half a month, do not know everybody had arranged this small long vacation how to lead?Anyway, I have made a clear arrangement. During the holiday, I plan to take my parents to experience the leisure style of young people and take them out for a self-drive trip. Therefore, the issue of buying a car has been put on the agenda, and WITH careful selection, I set my eyes on the Wei Brand Macchito DHT-PHEV.First of all, wei brand Macchido DHT-PHEV in the use of cost let me very heart water, compared with the same price of fuel cars, under normal circumstances to travel 100 kilometers almost 8 oil, just in the oil expenses down a year will have to spend six or seven thousand dollars.As for the Macchiato DHT-PHEV, its comprehensive 100km fuel consumption is only 0.8L, even in the state of loss of fuel consumption is only 4.4L, and under the condition of full fuel and full charge, the battery life can exceed 1000km.Not only self-driving travel is no problem, the use of the cost has been greatly reduced, but it is really not unknown, a than surprised.As a member of the new energy models, Macchiato DHT-PHEV also has excellent performance in intelligence. It is equipped with coffee intelligent platform, has the world’s leading qualcomm 8155 chip, as well as 14.6-inch central control screen, W-HUD head-up display system, G block intelligent fun space and many other core configurations.Each configuration is a TOP level of existence in the same class, and the Macchiato DHT-PHEV will all be centralized in one place, which takes as much effort as you can imagine.In addition to the above mentioned, Macchito DHT-PHEV’s performance in the intelligent driving auxiliary system is also quite excellent, with tracking reversing, remote parking, intersection traffic assistance and a number of intelligent functions, even if a little white driver, can also become “driving god” in minutes, become an old driver even if it is so simple.In fact, after learning the relevant information of this Macchito DHT-PHEV, I fell deeply for it. Not only the advantages of “fast, smooth, quiet, economical and green” are occupied, but also there is no need to wait for the order now, and the car can be picked up immediately, which can completely realize my wish of driving with my family during the Spring Festival