Price gouging is strictly prohibited, and the market supervision Bureau of Lixia District of Jinan has carried out price supervision before the Spring Festival

2022-06-07 0 By

Qilu evening news, JiLuYi journalists Li Peile correspondent jade to the red room and stable market prices before the Spring Festival, during the Spring Festival market order, protecting the legal rights and interests of consumers, for days, jinan lixia district market regulator careful deployment, actively carry out during the Spring Festival market price order regulation, crack down on illegal activities such as plain code marks a price to drive up prices.Law enforcement personnel into each big business super, farmers’ markets within their respective jurisdictions to focus on the supply of rice, noodles, oil during the festival, egg, milk, vegetables, fruits and other mass check the prices of daily necessities, mainly visited rt-mart stores through the mountain springs, ginza plaza, tianlian jiefang road shop, urged businesses to strictly implement the plain code marks a price request,It is strictly prohibited to engage in unfair competition by colluding with each other, manipulating market prices, fabricating and disseminating information on price rises, and driving up prices, which disrupt market price order. Merchants should operate in good faith and legally, and jointly safeguard market price order.The inspection issued a total of more than 2000 copies of warning letters, not found the relevant price illegal issues.