Liu Beibei, volunteer manager of Genting Venue Group: Serving the Winter Olympics in her hometown has fulfilled her dream

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Genting Ski Park is one of the four venues in The Zhangjiakou area of Beijing 2022, which has produced the most winter Olympic gold MEDALS.The first gold medal of the Winter Olympics was awarded at Genting Ski Park at the end of the men’s moguls competition on February 5.Liu Beibei, volunteer manager of genting Ski Park, said 623 volunteers in 22 areas, including event service, transportation, media operation, anti-doping, sports and technology, have made full preparations for this moment.Carry out Spring Festival blessing activities.Liu Beibei (right) hands out volunteer watches to volunteers.Affected by the youth and vitality of volunteers, Liu Beibei went to work in the operation team of Genting Venue Group on January 13, 2021.The successful completion of zhangjiakou competition area of “Meet Beijing” series of winter sports events on February 26, 2021, the successful completion of Zhangjiakou competition area of “Meet Beijing” 2021-2022 series of test events in November 2021, and the official arrival of the Winter Olympics will take more than a year.Liu Beibei has devoted herself to the volunteer work of Genting Venues with a positive attitude and full of enthusiasm.After Hebei Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture became the source of volunteers for Genting Venue Group in October 2020, Liu Beibei, as deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of Hebei Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, was appointed as volunteer manager of Genting Venue Group and Genting Ski Park after organizing application, personal interview and political review.At the same time, she is also the project leader of key work such as the theme activities and volunteer service for welcoming the Winter Olympics.Since September 2019, bei-bei liu whole journey “towards the games” volunteers participated in the school and city volunteer recruitment, selection, training, organization completed more than 1800 volunteers meet the games city general knowledge and oral English training work, more than 500 volunteers construction of grain depots, to welcome the games volunteer service work has laid a solid foundation.On January 25, after the volunteers registered, Liu beibei said the whole venue was impressed by their youth and vitality.Genting Venue team carries out various forms and ways of venue and job training to help volunteers get into work as soon as possible.Seeing the sunny smiles and dedication of the volunteers would sweep away her fatigue.In particular, there are always many touching stories and shining points on the young volunteers to make Liu Beibei unforgettable.When the stadium road was paved with iron plates, the staff were studying welding technology. Li Junhan, a volunteer from Hebei Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, saw that they needed help, took the initiative to complete the welding work and put forward professional suggestions to the staff, bringing warm and professional service to the stadium.Liu Beibei and volunteers show the works of sending blessings in Spring Festival.Liu Beibei introduced that there were 1,112 volunteers in the genting venue group, including 913 volunteers in the Genting ski Park and 199 volunteers in the mountain news center.In Genting Ski Park, volunteers from colleges and universities in Beijing and Hebei province, including Hebei Institute of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Hebei University of Economics and Business, and Renmin University of China, as well as social sources, are distributed in 22 business areas, each performing its own duties.Liu Beibei (right) visits volunteers in the field of transportation.”During the period of operation of the venue, the transportation business was the earliest and the last to finish, and it also had to provide transportation security for various stakeholders. Volunteers were the first to work and the longest to work outdoors.”Liu Beibei said.It is known that the volunteers in the transportation business are not only the first to arrive at work, but also the coldest working environment in the Winter Olympics.Every day they stand in the snow and ice and guide the regular buses to pick up athletes, technicians and staff from all over the world.2 to 4 people in shifts, take turns to eat, even if time is tight to ensure that the shift work.Liu beibei was touched by the solidarity, mutual understanding and joy of volunteers in the field of transportation.When there is no passenger will take out skipping rope, in situ skipping rope, healthy exercise.Because of the number of rides, they have become “old acquaintances” with many staff members and athletes, encouraging each other and encouraging each other.It has been more than a year since she joined the team. Liu Beibei still remembers her excitement on the day of registration. She felt that she was so close to the Winter Olympics.In order to dream in the heart, she was full of energy, no one complained about the high intensity of work every day tired, everyone riveted enough effort to go to the ice and snow appointment.”Our volunteers are really lovely. Whether they are practicing, training or actually volunteering, everyone is full of passion and they are dedicated to their jobs despite the cold weather and the huge amount of expertise they need to master.”Liu Beibei said.From 2021 to 2022, Liu Beibei spent two Spring Festivals at work.”As a teacher and a youth volunteer, participating in the Winter Olympics in my hometown is a dream come true,” she said.(Zhao Ronghao) Pay attention to Hebei News network, know the latest news in Hebei.