It will be cloudy and rainy in Hangzhou for some time to come, but the sun will show on this day

2022-06-07 0 By

Yesterday (February 7) was the first day of resumption of work, a snow to Hangzhou brought surprise and blessing.Some say the snow is just everywhere.After a brief flurry of snow, things returned to normal.Enjoy the snow, snow is gradually melting, rain and snow last night.But hangzhou in the future for a period of time, still more cloudy.Today (Feb.8) hangzhou mainly cloudy, sometimes sporadic light rain, cloudy and light rain tomorrow.The weather on February 10th is relatively good, and the sun will still show. Please make arrangements for washing and drying in advance.From February 11 to 13, there was obvious precipitation.Overall temperatures remain low.The lowest temperature this morning, plain area 0℃ ~ 2℃, mountain area -1℃ ~ -3℃ have frozen, high mountain area -4℃ ~ -7℃ have severe frozen.The temperature rises slowly from the start of the day.Spring, the New Year, look forward to wonderful.(Original title “Hangzhou section is still rainy, but the sun will show on this day”, reporter Fang Li, editor Li Ru)