Enjoy the Winter Olympics | for international friends left the tip of the tongue delicious

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More than 60 Chinese and Western chefs at Shangri-La Hotel Beijing, one of the hotels signed up to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, also entered closed-loop mode in advance to provide dining services for Chinese and foreign journalists and IOC officials.”As we have communicated with all parties and adjusted the menu for hundreds of times, the guests are very satisfied with the food. Our roast duck is very popular in Old Beijing.”Shangri-la executive chef Yong Wang introduced.Wang Yong, 54, is an Olympian.At the time of the 2008 Olympics, he was a head chef. “I didn’t have any experience with big food events, so I did a lot of things by trial and error.”This Winter Olympic Games with more than 60 chefs cooking, reception work has been deduced hundreds of times, “menu on hundreds of Chinese food, but also special consideration of international friends taste.”Wang Yong is serving dishes for international friends.To ensure safety, Wang and his colleagues are required to wear face masks, goggles or transparent masks, and wear protective clothing on the chef’s coat when preparing the meal.”It takes at least four hours to wear a protective suit.”Wang yong said that the service of the Winter Olympics, not only requires the safety of chefs themselves, but also to ensure the safety of the kitchen and dining environment, and to ensure the safety of international friends.This session of the Winter Olympic Games service, he and colleagues really realize the same food, live together with labor and sweat.Despite 36 years of experience as a chef, Wang yong and his colleagues put a lot of thought into the design and production of the meal, as well as the arrangement of the front and back areas.”We work from 6.1pm until 23pm daily, cooking breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as providing 24-hour room service and a takeout lunch from the concession stand.Food styles include Chinese food, Japanese and Korean food and European food.”Beijing roast duck is, of course, an integral part of the menu.”To ensure the taste, we slice the duck on site and serve it immediately. Crispy skin with white sugar and meat with scallion dipping sauce,” Wang said, adding that the white porcelain plate used to serve the duck has been replaced with a thicker black clay plate because of its international popularity.”Roast duck is everyone’s favorite.Once Mr. Bach had dinner. He wanted to do something first, but when he saw the roast duck on the table, he immediately sat down and said he would do something after he had eaten.”Wang Yong introduced that Mr. Bach gave high praise to Chinese food and presented a gift of the Olympic rings.Overseas, some Chinese dishes are well known, such as Kung Pao chicken, mapo tofu and so on.Such dishes are also on the reception menu.Considering that the guests from Japan and South Korea want to eat the flavor of their hometown, Shangri-La also specially invited the chef who specializes in Korean food. The chefs studied for several days in a row. “The guests from Japan and South Korea have praised the taste of spicy cabbage, tofu soup, barbecue and so on.””It’s a blessing to be able to participate in the Olympics twice in one’s life,” Wang said. “Our goal is to leave a taste for international friends.”For more, check out the Winter Olympics newsletter.The publication reporter Yan Tong perturbation source: client games publication | journalists Shu-ling chang process editor: U022