The Public Security Bureau of Naiman Banner continues to implement the activity of “introducing law into enterprises” to optimize the law-based business environment

2022-06-06 0 By

In order to carry out the discussion activity of “Welcoming the 20th National Congress, Optimizing the law-based Business Environment and ensuring high-quality development with services” by regional political and legal organs, we will further strengthen the publicity and education of enterprise employees and continue to implement the activity of “introducing law into enterprises” to optimize the law-based business environment.Recently, naiman banner public security bureau public security management team, the traffic police brigade, counter-terrorism and patrol team thorough naiman banner and constant new material co., LTD. (post) production safety knowledge training, focus on the enterprise employees’ legal consciousness is not strong, weak risk present situation, the extensive publicity related legal knowledge and rules and regulations, to help enterprises to do a prior prevention, standardized in the former,Focus on improving the legal awareness and safety prevention ability of employees.Activities, naiman banner public security bureau public security management brigade deputy brigade long beam ChaoLu, counter-terrorism and patrol, traffic police brigade police brigade police Zhu Dong hao Xie Pengfei team combined with their fields and promote the rule of law of job responsibilities, pre-job training according to the enterprise actual demand, taking focused education lectures, distributing publicity materials, in-depth enterprise office site,Communicate extensively with the person in charge of the enterprise and the staff, send the law for the enterprise, publicize the law, popularize the law.During the public security management brigade Liang Chaolu deputy captain around anti-fraud propaganda, internal security prevention, security guards code of conduct, the use and maintenance of technology and material protection facilities and public security organs to facilitate the new measures of enterprises, actively carry out publicity activities;Traffic police brigade police combined with road traffic escort, “one helmet belt” and other related work, guide the enterprise employees how to drive safely, how to avoid emergencies, how to avoid road traffic accidents and so on to explain in detail;Anti-terrorism and special police brigade police focus on the prevention and control patrol around the enterprise, do a good job of security measures and anti-terrorism and other relevant knowledge to popularize the law.The activity of “sending law to enterprises” is a vivid rule of law publicity class before the entry of employees. It not only timely solves the legal confusion of employees, but also carries out legal publicity around the common safety problems in the daily life of employees, effectively improving the safety awareness of employees and enhancing the concept of rule of law.