Knowing these “marriage facts” will help women make better marriages

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Hello friend!We met, is the reunion after a long separation.Click on the top of the “attention”, we do friends for life!”I am 30 years old this year, I dare not get married, because all my best friends around me advise me not to get married, because their marriage is not very happy, the house is a chicken hair, look at the headache, now I am very anxious, do not know whether I should get married?What do you get out of marriage?”Two days ago, a reader friend sent such a private letter.See this friend’s private letter, the author feels a lot.Because see the marriage of friends around, so that they dare not enter the marriage, this is human nature, because people do not want to enter the misfortune, especially or witnessed, will inevitably self substitute.”What do you get out of marriage?”Some people said, “After getting married, I became mature. Before, I had enough to eat and the whole family was not hungry. Now when I have a home, I have to consider the family first.”Some people said, “After getting married, having another child, life is difficult, being supervised and not free.”Some people said:” After entering marriage, with support and support, before doing everything is a person, now it is two people to face together.”You see, every man is different, and when he marries, he is also different.Just because you and your friends may have had bad marriages doesn’t mean you will.Marriage is really happy or not, must depend on self management, so your marriage happiness, only in your hands.Knowing these “marriage facts” will help women make better marriages.Marriage is not easy, is 99 81 difficult.Just like xuanzang and his disciples on a pilgrimage to the West, there is no such thing as easy.You have to go through all these things if you want to make it real.In fact, the same is true of marriage.In fact, most people’s future marital status can be glimpsed in the hardships of journey to the West.That’s the thing about marriage. There’s no such thing as an easy one.Just as Mr. Qian Zhongshu said, “Marriage is a besieged city. Those outside want to get in and those in the city want to get out.”Some people face the hardships of marriage and think about how to change, while others only think about how to escape.When we are young, we think that love and marriage are beautiful.But later just understand, marriage and love are different, love is romantic, and marriage is only plain.Marriage, children, child-rearing, life changes, and so on, will make him face more trouble and suffering.If he can’t, then the marriage will be miserable, and if he can accept and change, then everything will only get better.Insipid marriage is the norm, hard business can also enjoy happiness.Some people say: “Marriage has three stages, early by passion, middle by running-in, late by perseverance.”I think so.Everlasting, romantic marriage, often only exist in the story, most people’s marriage, are sour, sweet, bitter and spicy, are slowly boil out on their own.No matter who you’re with, no one’s perfect.Everyone has their own problems. That’s why marriage is so difficult.As you go through these trials again and again, happiness will naturally come to you.The happiness of marriage is to love yourself first.If you don’t love yourself, no one will.You will find that in reality those happily married women are mostly “selfish women” who know how to love themselves.They invest in themselves, they enjoy themselves, they make themselves happy, so they are younger, more optimistic, and more loved and valued by their partners than most women of their age who don’t.A woman who loves and invests in herself will never have a bad marriage.Because they can only get better and better, making men more inseparable.To the woman, although the appearance can grow as the age and old, but the woman’s inner charm, but can be in time long river constantly precipitation and accumulation.For men, the core attraction of a woman must not be beauty, but some inner quality.As the saying goes, “A beautiful skin is all the same, but an interesting soul is one in a million.”Beauty to men’s attraction, often is temporary, but a woman’s inner certain qualities, but can attract men for a lifetime.How a woman treats herself often determines how well a man treats himself.Su Qin once said, “The best way to love someone is to manage yourself well, not to be nice to him or her. Give him or her a high-quality lover and he or she will love you desperately.”When a woman becomes more and more excellent, then nature also has more options and confidence, men will naturally treasure more.For men, they do not respect women, are often those who have no choice, can not leave their women.A wise woman, even if love a man, will not lose themselves, also know how to love yourself first.Just like a line in “The First Half of My Life” : “No one will be the haven you think, this life, only yourself, is your last shelter.”A woman’s greatest confidence, must be yourself, if you do not love yourself, then no one will love you.You see in reality, those for men to pay their own everything, do not know any pay for their own women, the final outcome, most of them are abandoned by men.Do not believe, because the man is so greedy, both want a woman to take care of everything in the family, and want a woman dignified and beautiful, youth permanent.A good marriage is equal.A really good marriage must be one in which both parties are equally matched.Although you are very good, but I am not bad, for you more than.In reality, people who try to change their marriage by marrying someone, they often end up in tragedy.Because marriage is like a game, if the level gap is too big, one can only take the other through, then sooner or later, the stronger partner will abandon the weaker partner.Because in the eyes of the strong side, the weak person is a drag, can not give him any help, when he one day, encounter with his own almost strong companion, he will easily abandon that has been dragging him down.Then they go through their own level, without any future intersection.As with games, so with marriage.When you find yourself with a partner who is too different from you, not only can you do nothing to help you, but you can actually slow down your progress.When you meet someone who is right for you and who can help you, can you make no fuss?Most people, I think, can’t do that, have other ideas, and some people even blame their partner for everything.If the gap between two people is too large, there are bound to be all kinds of problems.Like two couples whose families are too far apart.The woman’s family is particularly rich, so the weekdays are used by big brands, such as gold, without any care.And the man’s family is ordinary, on weekdays are to life as the most important, save calculation everywhere, the family lived an ordinary.Do you think these two people can be happy together?The answer must be no, even if they love each other, but the reality of the gap will let them separate.A woman’s ordinary shopping will only be regarded as waste and vanity by a man, while a man’s thrift will also be regarded as stinginess by a woman.Because they grow up in different environments, so the three views of nature are different, nature can not understand each other’s behavior, nature will produce all kinds of contradictions.When you eat steak, he just thinks you’re pretending to be superior.If you read, she’ll just think you’re acting.You say such two people, how can possibly be happy.A really good marriage must be matched materially and equally in spirit.”Do you think so?”